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Spoiler Alert: What Exactly Occurred During That Chaotic ‘The Block’ Finale?

If you didn’t watch The Block’s 2022 season finale on Sunday night, we’re willing to bet you’ve heard all about it from Australian fans who have flocked to social media to analyze the auction’s drama.

The Treechange season featured five couples renovating homes in Victoria’s Macedon hills, with the auction day coverage attracting approximately 1.6 million Australian viewers (several hundred thousand higher than its average viewership). This was not a typical Block auction day conclusion, though. Only three couples went away with a profit, one of which was the greatest in Block history and another of which was among the smallest.

The disparate margins and lackluster bidding naturally prompted individuals to question the veracity of the results, with Kris Jenner among those who delved deeply into the matter. The next section summarises the conclusion of The Block and explores various explanations.

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The evidence thus far does not indicate that their sale was rigged. Omar and Oz were the day’s biggest winners, as their home sold at auction for a staggering $1.5 million more than its reserve price. In addition, they received $100,000 for winning the competition overall.
While the house was ultimately purchased by well-known Block bidder Danny Wallis, another individual named Adrian Portelli made a fierce bid that ultimately drove the price up. Portelli was known to Omar and Oz before the auction, and this caused some viewers to assume that he may have submitted fraudulent bids.

The Block 2022: Omar and Oz, NSW
In truth, though, there is no proof that Portelli was a phony bidder, and the man himself has turned to social media to stress that he was as legitimate as anybody else present.
In the post, he added, “For everyone questioning the legality of the auction, I was a legitimate buyer with every intention of purchasing the house.”

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“Nobody is responsible for what occurred. This is an auction. If two people sincerely desire the property, there will be a bidding war. I am willing to expose my bank account to anyone who claims they were sham bids.”


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Omar and Oz issued a joint statement in response to the allegations, stating on the radio program Fitzy & Wippa that they had heard Portelli was interested prior to the auction (which could explain how they were acquainted) “We actually reached out to a mutual acquaintance who suggested [Portelli] might be interested, and he wanted to view the home. And after he arrived, he absolutely adored it “Omar spoke on the broadcast.
“In the end, he would have had to pay $4.5 million. If Danny [Wallis] does not appear, he will purchase the house for $4.5 million, and we will walk away with $420,000.”

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“However, when Danny entered the race, everyone seems to have abandoned the competition.”
After the finals, host Scott Cam addressed the charges on the radio, telling Fitzy and Wippa that Portelli was obviously “keen on the house.”
“Then it became too expensive, and he withdrew,” he confirmed.


Tom and Sarah Jane were dismayed to take home the night’s lowest profit, as their house only sold for $20,000 over the reserve price.
Consequently, they are expanding their earnings from there. They stated on Instagram that the Ford Ranger they won during Landscape week will be sold.

The Block 2022: The top 5 features in Tom and Sarah-Jane's winning guest bedroom and en suite
Sarah Jane stated, “Unfortunately for Tom, we will sell the Ford and go away with $100,000, so we have no complaints.”
“Even if we left with nothing, it was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that we can tell our grandchildren about. Are we disappointed? Certainly, but nothing is ever certain, and I believe we’ll be completely over it by Tuesday. There are more pressing problems in the world.”

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At the moment, no. Scott In the same radio interview, Cam revealed that the couples Ankur and Sharon and Dylan and Jenny are currently negotiating prices with prospective purchasers, but he is sure that their residences will fetch a decent amount over their reserves at auction.

The Block 2022 Finale: How Much Did The Houses Sell For
“We are in negotiation. And we’ll take our time doing this for two weeks. I am fairly optimistic that we will receive approximately $4.2 or $4.3 million “Cam elucidated.
Rachel and Ryan attained a profit of $169,800 after a private negotiation with Danny Wallis, who ultimately paid $4,249,800.

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