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Wheel of Time: About, Filming Locations, and Studio Details

Wheel of Time About, Filming Locations and Studio Details

Wheel of Time is one of the most popular fantasy series ever. And the new Wheel of Time series on Amazon Prime has finally given this great tale the enormous production it has long deserved.

While binge-watching the first season, you may have questioned, “Where is the Wheel of Time filmed?” Where are the actual locations hidden beneath the magic and mystery? We have the answers you seek. Here is a list of Wheel of Time filming locations, as well as other interesting information regarding the show’s production.

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About Wheel of Time

Amazon’s newest fantasy series, Wheel of Time, is based on Robert Jordan’s popular book series of the same name.

Rosamund Pike portrays Moiraine, a formidable member of the magic-wielding Aes Sedai. Moiraine leads a group of young people on an epic adventure because she believes that one of them is the reincarnation of the Dragon, the most powerful entity in existence. The issue is that it is unknown if the Dragon will save or destroy the planet.

The narrative takes place in a vast, epic universe that is both Earth’s ancient past and its distant future. However, since filming had to take place in the actual world, the producers had to be inventive in order to bring this fantasy environment to life.

Wheel of Time: Filming Location

The filming site for Wheel of Time in Europe. The primary filming site for The Wheel of Time was the Czech Republic, primarily in and around Prague. Despite the fact that filming also took place in Slovenia, Croatia, and other European nations.

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The production of Wheel of Time began in September 2019. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 outbreak halted manufacturing. In April 2021, production restarted, giving the series just enough time to complete filming before its November 2021 debut!

Wheel of Time: Outdoor Location

In order to produce some of the amazing settings shown in the episode, the crew added some CGI to the backdrops.

In the pilot episode, for instance, a setting merges the European countryside with stone pillars from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China. Combining two equally lovely yet distinct sites helped create a fantasy but realistic world. And it looks fantastic on the screen.

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Rafe Judkins, executive producer, and showrunner stated, “It was crucial to me from the outset that this universe seem realistic and real, even if we wind up augmenting or expanding it later with visual effects.”

“There is a moment in which two of our characters, Rand al’Thor and Egwene Al’Ver, hold a chat while sitting on a rock overlooking their Alpine house. We could have utilized a rock with some grass surrounding it in Prague, but instead, we brought the performers to a mountain pass in Slovenia. We added their hometown of Two Rivers and the two genuine rivers at the bottom of the scene, but everything else was captured in camera.”

The Mountains

While CGI was used for many scenery shots in The Wheel of Time, some filming sites were already breathtaking.

According to Atlas of Wonders, the “Leavetaking” sequence with a group of ladies was filmed at the Rakov kocjan Valley in Slovenia. The magnificent stone bridge and lovely caverns are located around 44 kilometers south of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The majority of scenes with hilly backgrounds, such as the horseback riding sequences, were shot in the Bovec area of Slovenia. Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is known for being a Game of Thrones filming site, was also used for filming.

The Wheel of Time studio

However, not every scene could be shot in the elements. The project required a sound stage in order to film sequences with custom-built sets.

Epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time now shooting in Prague through May 2020 — The Prague Reporter

According to WoT Series, the primary filming site for The Wheel of Time was Jordan Studios in Prague.

Jordan Studios is named after Robert Jordan, the author of The Wheel of Time, and was constructed specifically for production. Multiple sound stages are located inside the studio’s vast 32,000 square meters of area. This overhead perspective enables you to see for yourself how big it is.

Two Rivers

Some of the most memorable events in the series occur in Two Rivers, the town where Moiraine discovers the Dragon candidates. Additionally, Two Rivers was constructed from scratch in a quarry located near Jordan Studios.

Fairwinds - Two Rivers Craftsman Bungalows - Odenton, MD | Trulia

Building a community from scratch was a monumental task, especially considering the Trollocs destroyed it in the pilot episode. But according to Judkins, Amazon Prime supported the choice.

“One of the amazing things about now is how eager networks are to look you in the eye and say, ‘I’m going to create the Two Rivers and then we’re going to burn it down at the end of the first episode.’ And they’re like, ‘Great. What follows? ’”

Wheel of Time had an estimated budget of approximately $10 million for each episode, demonstrating that no cost was spared during production. The genuine buildings add an additional terrifying degree of realism to the drama, increasing the stakes.

Season 2 shooting locations for Wheel of Time

What are the filming sites for the second season of Wheel of Time?

According to WoT Series, the Czech Republic’s Jindichv Hradec castle will be used for filming in October and November of 2021. The castle is one of the largest in the Czech Republic, with an area of approximately 3 hectares.

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When the second season of “Wheel of Time” is released, we cannot wait to watch what type of situations will occur here.

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We hope you liked this in-depth look at the filming sites for The Wheel of Time! While the majority of the filming took place in Europe, you do not need to travel there to shoot your own fantasy series or themed party.