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Where Did the Batman Movie Take Place? 

If you’re an ardent follower of The Batman, it’s evident that the Dark Knight’s home and the perils he encounters are in Gotham City, the same region where filmmaker Matt Reeves worked in 2022.

With Robert Pattinson bringing to life a hero who wraps himself in retribution as his common denominator, the film’s setting perfectly complements the character’s objective to create a darker Batman picture than earlier incarnations.

As a result, the selection of the location or places in which the film is shot to reproduce Gotham is crucial, as Reeves sought to create the right milieu.

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About Gotham City

In the history of this DC Comics character, New Jersey is typically shown with hints of New York and Chicago, but the filming sites have changed.

While Tim Burton liked to film in England, Christopher Nolan favored Chicago, and Zack Snyder favored Detroit, Reeves merged the preferences of his predecessors.

The most recent installment of The Batman was shot over the course of a year, from January 2020 to March 2021, with Liverpool serving as the primary filming location. Additional filming took place in London, Glasgow, and Chicago to recreate Gotham City, as well as in studios in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire.

What locations were used for The Batman Movie?

Liverpool’s Royal Liver Building served as the inspiration for the Gotham City Police Department, and St. George’s Hall represented Gotham City Hall.

The entrance to the Batcave was reproduced in the Kingsway Tram Tunnel in London, and the Iceberg Lounge was the Printworks Nightclub.

Madison Square Garden? Actually, it was the O2 Arena. Batman and Catwoman’s last goodbye sequence was filmed at Glasgow’s Necropolis, while the Gotham orphanage was replicated at Hartwood Psychiatric Hospital.

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Batman is an American superhero action-drama crime film made by DC Films, directed by Matt Reeves, and written by Reeves, Peter Craig, and Mattson Tomlin. It is based on the same-named DC Comics character.

The movie is a new start for the Batman movie series. It stars Robert Pattinson, Peter Sarsgaard, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, Zo Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, and John Turturro.

In the movie, Robert Pattinson plays Bruce Wayne/Batman. The scenes for The Batman (2022) were shot in Liverpool and London, both in England, UK. Cardington Studios and Warner Bros. Leavesden Studios were also used to make the movie.

The Batman (2022) was shot at 2 Temple Pl, 230 S LaSelle St, 91 Wishart St, Anfield Cemetery, Cardington Studios, Central Saint Martins, Chicago (outside), County Sessions House, Glasgow, Glasgow Necropolis, Hartwood Hospital, Kingsway Tram Tunnel, Liver Building, Liverpool, London, Printworks London, St George’s Hall Liverpool, The O2, Two Temple Place, and Walker Art Gallery.

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