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Where Is Hallmark’s Romantic Drama “A Royal Corgi Christmas” Filmed?

Prince Edmond is portrayed in Clare Niederpruem’s Hallmark romantic comedy A Royal Corgi Christmas as he tries to win his mother’s affection back by bringing her a lovely corgi named Mistletoe. Despite being such a cute fluffy dog, Mistletoe is equally rowdy and wild.

To train the corgi so that she will be acceptable to his mother and everyone else at the Christmas ball, Edmond enlists the aid of a dog trainer named Cecily. Edmond and Cecily work together to teach Mistletoe, and despite some obstacles, they forge a close connection.

In addition to being a warm holiday romance film, A Royal Corgi Christmas also examines the special bond that exists between dogs and their owners. This unique surprise will make the Christmas film much more alluring and captivating for the audience.

Where Is Hallmark’s Romantic Drama "A Royal Corgi Christmas" Filmed?

Furthermore, the setting of the palace where the royal family lives raises questions about the areas where the movie was actually filmed. In case you have similar inquiries, allow us to provide you with all the facts on the Hallmark film.

Ignoring the beauty of the shooting locales, the adorable corgi puppies in the newest Hallmark Channel movie, A Royal Corgi Christmas, are in fact the primary visual delight of this holiday feast!

Yes, the surroundings are also really attractive. A Royal Corgi Christmas, unlike many other Hallmark Channel shows, was entirely filmed outside of North America.

What is the Storyline of a Royal Corgi Christmas?

According to a description published by Hallmark, A Royal Corgi Christmas tells the tale of Crown Prince Edmond, a reluctant royal who comes home for the holidays with a corgi named Mistletoe. The prince presents mistletoe to his mother, Queen Portia (played by Susannah De Wrixon).

However, the dog’s boisterous attitude causes him to run into issues. Think about how the mistletoe in the trailer accidentally knocked over a food table. Following a string of dog disasters, Edmond seeks the help of Cecily, an American dog training expert, and continues Hallmark.

He is delighted when Cecily suggests he become more involved in regular dog training. In the trailer, Cecily describes how she teaches people how to train their pets. Edmond, however, thought he was simply hiring her for her previous work with dogs.

Where Is Hallmark’s Romantic Drama "A Royal Corgi Christmas" Filmed?

“I didn’t consent to be coached,” he replies to Cicily. However, Edmond and Cecily collaborate to get Mistletoe ready for the yearly Christmas Ball; you already know what happens after that, don’t you?

According to Hallmark, when cute dog earns their love, they discover that love can grow in the most unexpected of places, which prompts them to reconsider their life goals.

Where Was a Royal Corgi Christmas-filmed Location?

Filming for “A Royal Corgi Christmas” took place in British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, County Dublin in Ireland, and Vancouver, also known as Hollywood North.

The love movie’s production reportedly began in September 2022 and appeared to wrap up in October of the same year. Now let’s study each distinct area that was referenced in the Hallmark movie.

County Dublin, Ireland

The majority of “A Royal Corgi Christmas” was reportedly filmed in Ireland, particularly in County Dublin, the country’s most populous province.

The production team mostly set up shop in and around Ardgillan Castle, but they also traveled to various locations around Dublin, especially North Dublin, to capture a variety of exterior shots.

Prospect House was built in 1738 by Robert Taylor and is located in Balbriggan, County Dublin. It is actually a country-style house with castellated decoration despite being called a castle. Several areas of the castle are open to visitors for sightseeing tours.

Vancouver, British Columbia

First, the cast and crew of “A Royal Corgi Christmas” appear to have conducted some pre-production work in Vancouver, the most populous city in British Columbia.

Vancouver, located in the province’s downtown core, is a popular filming location because of its alluring scenery, tax benefits, and other amenities like qualified engineers.

Consequently, it won’t be surprising if the Hallmark production team decides to use the city as a shooting location. Several productions, including “The Age of Adaline,” “2 Hearts,” “Firefly Lane,” and “Batwoman,” have been filmed there over the years.

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Final Words

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Cast Members of the Film a Royal Corgi Christmas?

A Royal Corgi Christmas features the performances of Hunter King, Jordan Renzo, Ella Cannon, Julie Lamberton, Sam McGovern, and Sharon Coade.

Who is the Music Director of the Film a Royal Corgi Christmas?

The film A Royal Corgi Christmas was composed by Mikel Hurwitz.

Is the Film a Royal Corgi Christmas, Based on a True Story?

No, A Royal Corgi Christmas is based on a work of fiction by Erinne Dobson.