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Where did the American comedy-adventure film Goonies take place? 

The American comedy-adventure film Goonies was shot in Oregon and California.

The Goonies, a cult favorite directed by Steven Spielberg in 1985, provides something really nostalgic with its fast-paced “Indiana Jones”-style adventure for a gang of children. Fortunately, the film lives up to Mikey’s predictions and remains a childhood favorite down the generations.

This is especially true in the present when films and television programs such as “It,” “Stranger Things,” and “Ghostbusters” keep the 1980s alive and thriving. Ultimately, when the future appears dismal, memories may be quite comforting. The film “The Goonies” successfully reminds us of life’s basic joys.

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A group of young kids is depicted in the film as they attempt to preserve their houses and discover a treasure map. They quickly encounter the Fratellis, a criminal family who are also searching for buried wealth.

As part of the quest, the Goonies go on an exciting journey to an unexplored subterranean planet. From the Goon Docks to the subterranean tunnels, locations in the film are crucial to the storyline. In order to ensure realism, The Goonies was filmed on-site as opposed to on set.


Astoria (Goon Docks)
Goon Docks is certainly fiction, although the majority of “The Goonies” was filmed on-site. Several sequences were filmed in Astoria, Oregon, the city where the neighborhood is truly located. It is certainly feasible to take a “Goonies” road trip and see the town where some of the film’s most iconic sequences were shot.

Oregon Film Museum (County Jail)
Jake Fratelli, with the assistance of his family, escapes from the Clatsop County Jail. At one time, at least, this was the case. It is now the Oregon Film Museum, which is dedicated to films shot in Oregon, such as “The Goonies,” “Free Willy,” and “Twilight,” among others.

Both the inside and outside of the former prison appeared in the film. It is noteworthy to note that admirers of “The Goonies” have placed a car outside the museum that mimics the SUV with bullet holes used by the Fratellis in the film.

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The Captain George Flavel House Museum is Mikey’s residence
The video also highlights the Captain George Flavel House Museum, located at 441 8th Street, and the former residence of Mikey’s father. In 1885, a nautical pilot and one of the region’s first billionaires, George Flavel, created the historical monument.

Astoria, 38th Street, 368 (The Walsh Family Residence)
The Walsh family property, widely known as the Goonies’ house, is possibly the most recognizable location in the film. As a private house, visitors are not authorized to trespass on the property or take photographs of it. It can be found at 368 38th Street in Astoria.

Again, Data’s residence at 344 38th Street is hardly a visitor-friendly location.

Other Astoria-based places in the film include Astoria Coffee Co., which is briefly seen in the opening scene, and Lower Columbia Bowl, situated at 826 Marine Drive, where Chuck observes the vehicle pursuit.

Additional Oregon Locations
In Oregon, “The Goonies” was also filmed in various other sites, notably those along the shore, in addition to Astoria.

The Goonies ride their bicycles 26 miles south of Astoria to Ecola State Park in search of the commencement of the treasure quest. On the map is shown the Lighthouse Lounge (Fratelli’s hideaway), which is also located in Ecola. The Lighthouse lounge was part of an elaborate set constructed just for “The Goonies.”

The beautiful Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach, where the automobile pursuit sequence with Fratelli finally concludes, is another major location in the film.

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The studio Warner Bros.
In addition to Oregon, The Goonies was filmed both in studios and along the shore. Cave sequences and other underground scenes were filmed in Burbank, California, at the Warner Bros. Studios.

This was the setting for the scene in which the Goonies locate One-Eyed Willie’s ship, Inferno. On Stage 16, one of the largest sound stages in the United States, a massive ship set was constructed.

Other Locations in California
Bodega Bay, California served as the setting for Andy and Brand’s legendary kiss in the film. The concluding sequence of the film was filmed at Goat Rock State Beach in Sonoma County.


When was The Goonies originally released?

A. On June 7, 1985, Warner Bros. distributed the film in theatres in the United States. It was produced by Amblin Entertainment, owned by Steven Spielberg.

How much did The Goonies gross worldwide?

A. On a budget of $19 million, the film grossed $125 million worldwide and has subsequently achieved cult status.

What is The Goonies’ storyline?

A. Children in Oregon find an antique treasure map that leads them on an expedition to recover the long-lost money of the 17th-century pirate One-Eyed Willy. Throughout the expedition, they are pursued by a family of thieves who wish to steal the riches for themselves.

Where was filming for The Goonies done?

A. The majority of The Goonies was filmed in Oregon, with some scenes caught at the Warner Bros. Studio in California.