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Where was Predator filmed? Was “Predator” filmed in a real jungle?

Where was the film “Predator” shot? Thetoughtackle will now answer this exact question! The premiere of “Predator” in 1987 introduced a new classic action and horror film antagonist that we would fear for decades.

The franchise has continued via several sequels and crossover films, like the “Alien vs. Predator” films, and a new prequel film is scheduled for release this year.

It’s no surprise that movies featuring the sport-hunting extraterrestrial have captured so many people; the original film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is among his finest pictures and the best action blockbusters of the 1980s.

In the suspenseful thriller, Schwarzenegger’s character, Dutch, and his gang of paramilitary mercenaries are the protagonists. Individually, they are pursued through a Central American jungle, leading to a thrilling finish. Not to add some classic Arnold phrases that we have heard way too frequently throughout our lives.

Part of the allure of the original “Predator” film is the foreign locale in which it is set. You and other moviegoers might have wondered where “Predator” was shot. To determine this, we will take you to Central America. Let’s examine exactly where the filmmakers caught the charm of the film that launched the series.

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Was “Predator” filmed in a real jungle?

If you’ve ever seen “Predator,” you’ve undoubtedly wondered where Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, and the rest of the ragtag cast sweated their way through the jungle.

If the performers in the film appear sweaty and uncomfortable, it is likely because they were. The majority of the production was shot on location in Mexico. Specifically, in Jalisco, Palenque, and Puerto Vallarta.

We will break down these three places so that you know where some of the most memorable scenes were shot. But first, let’s discuss the performers’ experiences working in the forest where the film was shot.

Some of the challenges are described in a Maxim magazine story, including coping with native insects such as ants, scorpions, and snakes. That doesn’t even begin to describe how tiring it was to labor in stifling heat and humidity while carrying really heavy equipment!

It’s hardly surprising that the sequel takes place in a metropolis. It appears that no one was ready to return to the woods for another arduous production.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

To begin, we will explore one of the simpler filming sites for the project. About 400 miles west of Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta is located adjacent to a beach resort. According to, this was not the resort’s first appearance in a major Hollywood film.

Where Was Predator Filmed? Was "Predator" Filmed in a Real Jungle?

“John Huston’s 1964 version of Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana, starring Richard Burton and Ava Gardner, placed Puerto Vallarta on the map as a resort when it was filmed in nearby Mismaloya.”

It appears that the “El Eden” resort has embraced its links to Predator. Nonetheless, it appears that the wrecked helicopter and an extraterrestrial sculpture are all that remain today.

This region was the site for several of the early sequences in the film, such as when the Dutch crew attempts to rescue the guerrilla warriors before their situation becomes dire.

Now that at least part of the answers to the question “where was ‘Predator’ filmed?” are known, we can answer the question with confidence. Now, let’s venture further into the bush and investigate Palenque.

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Palenque and the Misol-ha Waterfall

Some of the other most famous sequences in “Predator” occur near the film’s conclusion. One of these is the encounter between Dutch and the extraterrestrial by the waterfall. This place is certain to elicit the inquiry, “Where was “Predator” filmed?”

Where Was Predator Filmed? Was "Predator" Filmed in a Real Jungle?

This waterfall is the Misol-ha Waterfall, and it is located near the town of Palenque. You’re in luck if you were hoping to see this site for yourself!

According to an article on Gigaplaces, not only can you view the waterfall, but you can also explore surrounding caverns and even get behind the beautiful waterfall.

However, make careful to take measures, as they claim it’s no joke back there. “It’s almost unfathomable how much room is concealed behind the overhang behind the waterfall, but the walkway is slick and water is trickling.” If you decide to visit the Misol-ha Waterfall for yourself, be careful not to fall as Dutch did in the film!

According to, fans will also recall Dutch swimming through an additional, albeit smaller, series of waterfalls. The “Cascadas de Aguas Azules” is located next to the Misol-ha Waterfall.

If you’re in Mexico and want to explore the areas where “Predator” was filmed, you’re in luck. Both Palenque and Puerto Vallarta cater to tourists.

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