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Which Streaming Service Has Wednesday Available?

The upcoming Netflix original is evidence that Charles Addams’ characters live on in perpetuity. Wednesday will see Addams returning to television screens with her macabre humor and pessimistic outlook along with a significant mystery concealed behind the doors of her new school.

We can anticipate that this Wednesday’s adaptation will be just as compelling as the ones performed by the legendary actress Christina Ricci thanks to the talented actress Jenna Ortega.

Executive producing Wednesday is none other than the master of the gothic film, Tim Burton. The creators of Smallville, Alfred Gough, and Miles Millar, who are both accomplished writers, are with him. It is well known that Wednesday was filmed in Bucharest, Romania, as the city’s architecture is ideal for depicting an unusual, old school.

The school Wednesday will attend, Nevermore Academy is said to have been founded in 1791 and has since served as a center of learning for a variety of creatures, including vampires, sirens, werewolves, and many others. The ideal location for Wednesday Addams. The Addams Family is renowned for its eccentric behavior, which makes them an outcast in mainstream society.

Even though their children occasionally appear murderous, Gomez Addams, the father, and Morticia Addams, the mother, adore them. Charles Addams first depicted this family in drawings, which were later transformed in 1964 into a television series. The characters have appeared in numerous films, television shows (including The New Scooby-Doo Movies), and advertisements since then.

Streaming Guide for Wednesday Series

Since Wednesday is a Netflix-only original series, it will be made available in the US at around 3:30 in the morning ET. Viewers from other nations will need to double-check the upload time based on their local time zone. Here are some of the release times:

Which Streaming Service Has Wednesday Available?

  • Japan: 5:00 pm, Wednesday
  • India: 1:30 pm, Wednesday
  • United Kingdom: 8:00 am, Wednesday
  • Pakistan: 1:00 pm, Wednesday
  • Australia: 7:00 pm, Wednesday

On November 23, 2022, all new episodes of the program will air at once, though the timings may differ slightly.

Wednesday Season 1: Release Date

On November 23, 2022, the complete exciting episodes of this mystery and comedy series will be broadcast. Watch this show on your devices for an enjoyable binge session—it has been ordered for about eight complete episodes.

Wednesday Season 1: Episode Guide

Since Wednesday is referred to by Charles as The Child of Woe, based on the American nursery rhyme, all the titles contain the word “woe.” Whatever the case, these episodes will show Wednesday enrolling in a new school after switching eight times in just five years.

Which Streaming Service Has Wednesday Available?

  • Episode 1- Wednesday’s Child is Full Of Woe
  • Episode 2- Woe Is The Loneliest Number
  • Episode 3- Friend or Woe
  • Episode 4- Woe What A Night
  • Episode 5- You Reap What You Woe
  • Episode 6- Quid Pro Woe
  • Episode 7- If You Don’t Woe By Now
  • Episode 8- A Murder of Woes

Her parents had first met and fallen in love at the infamous “Nevermore Academy,” which is where she will now attend. There are many different kinds of living and dead things in Nevermore. Students are exposed to a wide range of unusual subjects, including Outcast Anatomy, Psychology of the Macabre, and other paranormal topics.

Enid Sinclair, a werewolf with the opposite personality to Wednesday, ends up living with her. Despite coming from opposite ends of the spectrum, they come together as they learn that Nevermore Academy is more complex than first appears. Thing, a moving hand that seems to have a mind of its own, is also present with Wednesday.

Wednesday: Who’s the Cast Member?

Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday, the gothic, completely desaturated lead character, in this television show. Larissa Weems, the principal shrouded in mystery, will be portrayed by Gwendoline Christie. Enid Sinclair will be portrayed by Emma Myers, who is best known for her work in Girl In The Basement.

Fred Armisen will play Uncle Fester, who makes an appearance in the trailer (Portlandia). Joy Sunday will play the part of the seductive siren Bianca Barclay, and Yoko Tanaka will take on the role of Naomi J. Ogawa the vampire. The most well-known Wednesday Addams impersonator, Christina Ricci, will also be a part of the Wednesday cast; however, she will play Marilyn Thornhill, one of Wednesday’s teachers at Nevermore Academy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be More Wednesday Addams?

The Tim Burton project’s filming started in September of last year and ended in March of 2022, so the earliest we might see a potential second season of Wednesday is at the beginning of 2024.

Who Does Wednesday Addams Marry?

After 18 years of wearing black, Wednesday dons a vibrant yellow dress for the first time. Away from the Wednesday and Lucas’ families, say that the reason they gathered them was to tell them that she and Lucas were getting married.

What is Wednesday’s Boyfriend’s Name?

He is a fourteen-year-old boy who is shy and allergic to everything. He meets Wednesday Addams at Camp Chippewa, and one night as they are sitting by the lake, he tells her that he is allergic to “almost everything.”