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Who is Amber Marshall Married to? Wedding of Amber Marshall and Shawn Turner!

For all of us, the recent return of Heartland, the longest-running Canadian television series, with its fourteenth season was bittersweet.

While we were happy to see the familiar faces that we consider family after 13 years of watching, we were saddened by the fact that one of our most beloved characters had left the series. Graham Wardle’s portrayal of Ty, the most handsome member of the Heartland cast, was killed at the beginning of season 14.

As shocked as we were by the turn of events, our beloved protagonist Amy, portrayed by Amber Marshall, was even more shocked. After years of on-again, off-again courtship, the couple tied the knot in Season 5 after years of dating on and off. Since the audience was quite invested in their relationship, the abrupt and tragic conclusion of their story moved us to tears. Yet, our tears multiplied when we witnessed Amy’s suffering after Ty.

The only consolation was the fact that Amber Marshall, the star of Heartland, is actually living a blessed life, despite her bad luck on the show. This article contains all the juicy details of Amber Marshall’s non-acting life, including her relationship and home life. If you wish to learn more about the Canadian actress, continue reading.

Family Relationships

Marshall, who was born on June 2, 1988, is an award-winning actress whose role as Amy in the Heartland cast has earned her megastar status in both Canada and the United States. However, her career is not limited to acting alone.

Marshall worked as a veterinary assistant in her early years because she has always had a passion for animals. Marshall continues to volunteer at a local veterinary clinic.

In addition to the animals, Marshall spends the majority of her free time with her family. She was married to the photographer Shawn Turner on July 27, 2013. Today, the couple lives in Calgary, Alberta, on a ranch farm. They have horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, chickens, and an alpaca, which makes them a large, crowded family.

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Have Amber Marshall Children?

Despite having expressed her wish to have a child in the future, Marshall is now childless. Still, with the addition of twins to the Heartland cast, she enjoys having two children on set while playing Lyndy, the daughter of her character.

Marshall reflected on her experience with working with children in 2017: “For the past decade, I’ve been filming with animals, but children are highly unpredictable, so there’s a sense of novelty.”

Wedding of Amber Marshall and Shawn Turner

The 2013 wedding of Marshall and Turner reflected not only their love but also their lifestyle. The couple held their wedding ceremony outdoors on their ranch, surrounded by their animals. They rode their horses, ate meals, and entertained their entire family.

Some of Marshall’s Heartland castmates, including Michelle Morgan and Chris Potter, were also in attendance at the wedding. The couple served as their own wedding planners and were successful in creating an elegant, authentic, and antiquated ceremony.

Even the altar was constructed by Turner, which Marshall referred to in an interview with Hello Magazine as “the best part of the wedding.” Fans around the world admired the actress’ laid-back attitude at her wedding, despite her $2 million fortune.

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Home of Amber Marshall and Shawn Turner

Outside of Calgary, Marshall and Turner maintain a 100-acre ranch. In addition to the 36 animals they own, they have five horses that they regularly ride. As the Heartland set is also nearby, Marshall frequently rides his horse to the set. She also occasionally welcomes cast members of Heartland at her ranch.

The couple is so infatuated with their home that Marshall refers to them as “homebodies.” They even held their wedding ceremony on the ranch grounds.

Who is Amber Marshall Married to?

We are pleased to confirm that they are! After eight years of marriage, the couple is going stronger than ever. Even though Heartland fans have expressed a strong desire to see Marshall and her on-screen husband Wardle together in real life, this has never occurred.

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How Was Amber Marshall Introduced to Shawn Turner?

In 2010, Marshall and Turner met at a horse show and began dating almost immediately. The fact that they shared similar passions and interests for a similar way of life brought them together. They became engaged in 2012 and finalized their relationship with a fairytale wedding in 2013.