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Who is the Cast of the Netflix Series “Wrong Side of the Tracks”?

Wrong Side of the Tracks, a new Netflix original series, is currently available for streaming on Netflix and is the talk of the town. In fact, it ranks third among today’s TV shows (May 23). If you haven’t already, I recommend watching the show since many others are tuning in to do so.

David Bermejo is the creator of the Spanish television series Wrong Side of the Tracks. Prior to the first season’s full release on Netflix on May 20, it had its Spanish premiere in February 2022 and continued through March 2022.

The narrative centres on combat veteran Tirso Abantos, who resides in the drug-infested Entrevas neighbourhood. Tirso abhors the troublemakers who are attempting to take over his neighbourhood, but he waits until his granddaughter is a victim of the criminal underworld before he starts taking action.

Both critics and audiences appreciated the show for its thrilling plot and action-packed scenes. But if you needed another justification, the cast of Wrong Side of the Tracks is incredibly outstanding. The drama series’ cast list may be found below.

The Cast of Wrong Side of the Tracks

Tirso Abantos, the protagonist, is played by José Coronado. Coronado is best known for his parts in The Body and No Rest for the Wicked. In reality, he earned a Goya and a Fotogramas de Plata prize for his portrayal of Santos Trinidad in No Rest for the Wicked.

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Nona Sobo plays Tirso’s granddaughter, Irene. She is fresh to the entertainment sector, but we anticipate seeing her in more projects in the future. IMDb has the following cast list:

  • JoseCoronado as Tirso Abantos
  • Nona Sobo as Irene
  • Felipe Londoño as Nelson
  • Laura Ramos as Gladys
  • Manolo Caro as Sanchís
  • Manuel Tallafé as Pepe
  • Itziar Atienza as Amanda
  • María de Nati as Nata
  • Miguel Ángel Jiménez as Santi Abantos
  • Luis Zahera as Ezequiel
  • Maria Molins as Jimena Abantos
  • RaúlSanz as Diego
  • Carmen Esteban as Alicia
  • Álvaro Aparicio
  • Franky Martín as Sandro
  • Jordi Sánchez as Guillermo Salgado
  • Adil Koukouh as Loko
  • Martín Páez
  • Quique Medina as  Andrade
  • Dylan J. Locke
  • Víktor Beltrán

There are several supporting actors who were left off the list. The full cast and crew of Wrong Side of the Tracks can be found on the official IMDb page.

Wrong Side of the Tracks is currently only available on Netflix.

How Many Episodes Wrong Side of the Tracks Netflix?

Even though Wrong Side of the Tracks has only been available on Netflix since this week, the brand-new Spanish-language series has already proven to be a big hit with TV fans, who have wasted no time in getting through all eight episodes of the first season. MORE: Is it worthwhile to sit through the Wrong Side of the Tracks?