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Who is the Cast of Wrong Side of the Tracks? Production, Original Air Date of Season 1 and Season 2!

Wrong Side of the Tracks is a Spanish drama television series created by Aitor Gabilondo and David Bermejo, starring José Coronado, Nona Sobo, and Luis Zahera, which aired on Telecinco from 1 February to 17 May 2022.


  • José Coronado as Tirso Abantos, a retired “war hero” who now operates a hardware store and is exasperated by the neighborhood’s rampant crime and delinquency.

  • Nona Sobo portrays Irene, Tirso’s adopted Vietnamese granddaughter who becomes involved in a heroin transaction.
  • Luis Zahera is Ezequiel, a street-savvy cop with ties to the criminal underworld. Felipe Londoo as Nelson, Irene’s boyfriend becomes entangled in her predicament.
  • Laura Ramos [es] as Gladys, Nelson’s mother Manuel Tallafé [es] as Pepe, a Tirso friend who works at a restaurant he frequents Manolo Caro as Sanchs, a drug addict whom Tirso occasionally hires for private investigation.
  • Itziar Atienza plays Amanda, an idealistic police inspector who works alongside Ezequiel.
  • Franky Martin as Sandro, the head of a drug cartel Mara de Nati as Nata, Nelson’s female friend Jordi Sánchez as Salgado
  • Miguel A. Jiménez portrays Santi, the son of Tirso who now works at a rival store.
  • Mara Molins as Jimena, daughter of Tirso and adoptive mother of Irene Ral Sanz as Diego Bruno Lastra Adil Koukouh as Loko, Nelson’s friend and Nata’s boyfriend Carmen Esteban as Alicia Mariona Terés as Fanny.

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Release of Wrong Side of the Tracks

Mediaset España scheduled a 1 February 2022 premiere date on Telecinco. Telecinco decided en route to broadcast the two filmed seasons consecutively.

Wrong Side of the Tracks proved to be a resounding audience success for Telecinco following a string of series with poor linear ratings. The 16-episode broadcast run concluded on 17 May 2022 with the finale, which drew a prime-time audience of nearly 1.9 million viewers.

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Season 1

No. in
Title Original air date
1 1 “Un cabronazo de la vieja escuela”
(“An old-school scumbag”)
1 February 2022
2 2 “Radios estropeadas”
(“Broken radios”)
8 February 2022
3 3 “Morder”
15 February 2022
4 4 “Lo que se esconde bajo la alfombra”
(“What is hidden under the carpet”)
22 February 2022
5 5 “Perro viejo no perrea”
(“An old dog can’t learn to dance”)
1 March 2022
6 6 “Quien roba a un ladrón”
(“He who steals from a thief…”)
8 March 2022
7 7 “Los Robin Hood”
(“The Robin Hood”)
15 March 2022
8 8 “El último tren”
(“The last train”)
22 March 2022

Season 2

No. in
Title Original air date
9 1 “Colgar la casaca” 29 March 2022
10 2 “Un vagón olvidado” 5 April 2022
11 3 “Escucha al corazón” 12 April 2022
12 4 “Salto al vacío” 19 April 2022
13 5 “La cruda verdad” 26 April 2022
14 6 “Todo por amor” 3 May 2022
15 7 “Un polo naranja” 10 May 2022
16 8 “Si me matan” 17 May 2022

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Set in the Madrid neighborhood of Entrevas, the story follows the misfortunes of Tirso Abantos, a former soldier who owns a hardware store and whose monotonous daily routine is shattered by the violent sexual assault of his unruly and rebellious Vietnamese-born granddaughter Irene.

He then teams up with the corrupt police officer Ezequiel to combat the neighborhood’s criminals.