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Who Killed Sara Season 3: Expected Release Date & Updates!

Fans have enjoyed the twists and turns in the first season of the Latin murder mystery “Who Killed Sara?” or “Quién mató a Sara?” which premiered on March 24. The thriller quickly became Netflix’s most popular non-English title ever (via Deadline). On May 19, just a few months later the second season of the movie was released. In an unusual turn of events.

Who Killed Sara Season 3

It’s natural that you’re still reeling from the series’ unexpected revelations. About the murder and surrounding events. Now that you’ve had a chance to binge the 18 available episodes. Or, for that matter, all the shocking revelations. It further indicated that anyone could have murdered Sara or that no one did. Hence to get an answer to this, fans are highly curious about the third season, Who Killed Sara Season 3.

And with all of the red herrings and loose ends that need to be tied. You might be wondering when you’ll see more. After all, audiences still don’t know who murdered the young woman. The crime that landed the main character Alex (Manolo Cardona), in prison for so long. Things appear to be becoming more complicated rather than less so. It is something only a third season, Who Killed Sara Season 3 can address. Here’s what we know so far about “Who Killed Sara?”

When Will Who Killed Sara Season 3 Be Released?

Suppose you made it to the end of the second season. There was some good news for you at the end of the eighth and final episode’s credits. It’s Official: Another Season Is Coming, the Netflix screen said.

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But that’s all the information fans have so far. Netflix has made no announcement. It’s all about how many episodes it will have (eight like Season 2 or ten, as in Season 1?). And whether or not it will solve any of the problems raised in the series thus far.

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Given the show’s unpredictable trajectory. There’s also the question of when the season will be released. The streaming behemoth didn’t keep fans waiting long between Seasons 1 and 2. Further reportedly shooting them both concurrently under COVID-19 protocols. The length of the wait for the third season, Who Killed Sara Season 3. However, it is unknown. The fact that Netflix clearly greenlit it. Before the second season aired, it was good news. But there has been no word that the series has been in production. It may indicate that the gap between Season 2 and Who Killed Sara Season 3 will be a little longer. You can probably expect it to arrive sometime in 2021 or 2022.

Who Is the Who Killed Sara Season 3 Cast?

Given the unresolved plot threads, the cast from previous seasons. It is likely to return for Who Killed Sara Season 3. They, too, are curious about who murdered Sara!

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Season 2 of the show stars Colombian actor Cardona as Alex Guzmán. The main character is trying to figure it out. That who murdered Sara (or is he?). From her ex-boyfriend Rodolfo Lazcano (Alejandro Nones). He is who seemed like a good suspect early on, to controlling patriarch César Lazcano (Ginés Garca Millán). Further, everyone else appears to be a suspect in her murder.

Mariana Lazcano (Claudia Ramrez) is also in the cast. As it is disgraced Lazcano son José Mara “Chema” (Eugenio Siller). Alex’s love interest and youngest Lazcano daughter Elisa Lazcano (Carolina Miranda). And further sisters Marifer (Litzy) and Clara (Fátima Molina). Matas Novoa portrays Nicandro. Oh, and there’s Sara herself, as played by Ximena Lamadrid. It’s unclear whether Marifer and Clara will return. As they’ve (possibly) died alongside Sara (along with a few others). César was declared dead. But he lied about it. It’s also unclear whether new characters will be introduced in Who Killed Sara Season 3. But we’re guessing there’s already a long list of potential murderers.

What Is the Plot of Who Killed Sara Season 3?

The title and the lack of a satisfactory conclusion in the previous season. It further clarifies that Who Killed Sara Season 3 will focus on the same thing. As the first two: determining who was responsible for Sara’s death. Unless, of course, she’s still alive. At this point, who knows?

Fans were shocked at the end of Season 2. When Marifer confessed to the murder by severing Sara’s parasail straps. But viewers later learn that her actions did not result in the titular death. Despite the fact that she appears to be responsible for other killings. Of course, we don’t know if Marifer survived the fire in the first place.

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By the end, it appeared that Nicandro would be implicated instead. All thanks to a cryptic comment he made to Sara’s psychiatrist over the phone. To put it another way, aargh. Chema has confessed to murders for which he is not responsible. It is which does not bode well for his future. In the final episode. Alex saved Elisa from her suicidal act of torching her family’s casino. Elisa has been in some perilous situations in previous episodes. So we’re hoping for better times for this couple when Who Killed Sara Season 3 premieres.

What Will Happen in Season 3 of ‘who Killed Sara?’

We end season 2 with two people revealing themselves as Sara’s killers. So Who Killed Sara Season 3? will look into the crime’s true author(s). Some wild fan theories even suggest that Sara is still alive (a la Cesar). But we believe the story will center on Nicandro and his tumultuous interactions with the doctor.

However, if you were hoping for any secrets to be revealed by the performers, think again. Carolina Miranda (Elisa) revealed to Esquire that not even her mother receives preferential treatment. At a party, everyone tells me that we’re drinking. And further, when they see how much fun I’m having, they’re like. Oh, by the way—who killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara Season 3

And I was like, Come on; I’m speechless. My mother would say something similar to me. For example, ‘I’m your mother. Because I am your mother, you must notify me. No, mother, come on, this is my job!

Wrapping Up

No official trailer of Who killed Sara has been released yet. Keep following thetoughtackle for more updates on the movie. Since we will be the first one to update you on the same.