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Why Did Emily Bishop Leave NCIS and What She Doing Now?

Do you want to know why Bishop left NCIS? NCIS has been hailed as CBS’ longest-running scripted primetime series, and it has gone on to expand its franchise by paving the way for several other long-running series, including NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: Hawai’i, and the recently made spin-off NCIS: New Orleans.

With a strong cast and compelling storylines, it’s no surprise that “NCIS” has remained one of television’s longest-running scripted series. Season 18 of the show has just concluded, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

There will be plenty more crimes to solve for at least a little while longer, as CBS has renewed the police procedural for Season 19, but there will be some major changes.

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Why Did Emily Bishop Leave NCIS?

Bishop’struereason for leaving NCIS has never been disclosed. Emily, however, took to social media to express gratitude for everyone’s unwavering support and love. In addition, she praised the entire cast and crew while recalling the entire journey.

why did bishop leave ncis

The actress went on to say that she considers herself fortunate to have been a part of a show where she had the opportunity to act, laugh, and learn with wonderful people, a moment she will never forget.

As Emily concluded her note, she thanked CBS and NCIS for allowing her to be a part of television history and emphasized the importance of savoring each moment while chewing slowly, as time passes quickly. Emily Wickersham joined NCIS after Cote de Pablo, who played former Mossad agent and NCIS Special Agent Ziva David, left the show.

In NCIS, what happened to Emily Bishop?

Ellie Bishop, portrayed by Emily Wickersham on NCIS, was accused of leaking important documents in the season finale, which was a huge shock for fans. Bishop ultimately confessed to leaking classified NSA documents, despite the fact that she had not actually committed the crime. Bishop left the NCIS, and it turns out that she will now work as a disgraced undercover agent.

After Bishop gives Nicholas Torres a farewell kiss and tells him he will be gone for a long time, Emily’s departure from the show is further implied. Take a look at these photographs of Bishop and Torres posing!

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why did bishop leave ncis

Fans will miss agent Bishop for certain! As Emily Wickersham herself confirmed her departure from the show in an Instagram post, co-star Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, the medical examiner, bid her a heartfelt farewell as he wrote how proud he is of her and how they would all miss her on set, but are excited to see what she does next.

Diona Reasonover, who portrays forensics specialist Kasie Hines on “NCIS,” also took to the comment section to express her condolences for her friend and co-star.

Who is NCIS Agent Bishop?

From Season 11 onwards, Agent Bishop made her first appearance on NCIS. The character was introduced as an NSA analyst who served as a liaison between the NSA and NCIS while being offered a full-time position at NCIS. Since then, the character has become a fan favorite, and she is known for her love of snacks! Since then, the character has been a series regular.

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While working alongside Agent Torres, Bishop has developed a great character dynamic with Tony and McGee. Fans have been rooting for her and Torres since they were two, thanks to their incredible chemistry. Unfortunately, that did not happen, as fans noticed Bishop becoming distant, and Torres quickly realized that something had changed between them.

What is Emily Bishop From Ncis Doing Now?

Emily Wickersham has taken on a new role since leaving NCIS at the end of season 18: she’s become a mother! The actress, who played agent Ellie Bishop, welcomed her first child, son Cassius, on December 30 with her partner, actor James Badge Dale, and has been enjoying motherhood ever since.