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Why Did Emily VanCamp, as Nick, Leave “The Resident”?

Making a TV show presents numerous challenges, but what are the most significant?

When one of your lead actors decides to leave the project, it’s arguably the continuation of a series. It leaves the writers with the massive task of deciding what fate will befall their character.

You can either recast the role or devise a solution that makes the character’s absence make sense within the context of the story.

This is the issue that Fox’s hit medical drama has recently faced, as Emily VanCamp announced her departure as Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin, Conrad’s wife. When it comes to The Resident, it’s always a matter of life and death. With so much going on, fans are constantly concerned that something will happen to their favorite characters. Other medical dramas, such as Grey’s Anatomy, have demonstrated that doctors seem to have the worst luck. Emily VanCamp and her character Nicolette “Nic” Nevin’s time on the show came to an end in Season 5.

What Happened to Nic on the Resident?

Season 5 Episode 1 debuted on Tuesday, September 21st, and Emily and Nic’s absence suggests that she is about to be permanently removed from the story.

Although it is unknown what happened to her, there is reason to believe she was killed in an accident on her way home to Conrad.

why did nic leave the resident

Nic is never shown in the episode. We only hear her voice once, during a phone call with Conrad, when she expresses her concern that Gigi will struggle while she is away.

Nic is on a spa vacation and promises to return soon. Of course, without Emily VanCamp reprising the role, this is unlikely.

Conrad is at home with the baby later in the season premiere, and it is revealed that he has missed calls from his wife. As of episode 1, her fate is unknown, and the cliffhanger will undoubtedly leave fans wanting more.

Despite the lack of concrete answers, Nic being involved in a fatal accident appears to be the most plausible solution to the writers’ dilemma. After all, Nic would never abandon her family, and doing so would contradict the character arc established over four seasons.

Fans may perceive this as a betrayal. The trailer also includes a scene in which cops arrive at Conrad’s door. They’ve most likely arrived to deliver the devastating news of his wife’s death.

We’ll just have to wait and see, but bring tissues with you when episode 2 comes out.

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Why Did Emily Vancamp Leave Resident?

The actress gave birth to her daughter Iris in 2021, but she requested to leave her contract in May, which meant she would no longer be required to work on The Resident after season 4.


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In response to her departure, Fox CEO Michael Thorn stated, “The audience will be surprised and emotionally engaged with how we handle Emily’s departure and how it affects all of the other characters.”


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Her departure will undoubtedly have an impact on the rest of the season. Buckle up for an emotional ride.