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Why Did Jackson West Leave the Show the Rookie?

Dramas about police investigations are always fascinating to watch, and these programs are made even more compelling when they are based on true events.

One such drama is ABC’s “The Rookie, which is based on William Norcross, a real-life LAPD officer who moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and joined the force in his mid-40s, making him the LAPD’s oldest rookie.

The first season of the show debuted in 2018, and the fourth season ended in May 2022.

The show’s main character, John Nolan, is portrayed by Nathan Fillion, with supporting roles going to Alyssa Diaz (Angela Lopez), Richard T. Jones (Wade Grey), and Titus Makin Jr. (Jackson West). However, during the Season 4 premiere, we witnessed a significant character be killed off in the most egregious manner imaginable. Yes, we are referring to Jackson West.


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Why Did Jackson West Leave the Rookie?

Titus has been a part of The Rookie family since the show’s inception in 2018, playing Officer Jackson West.

Season four premiered on Sunday, September 26, and it appears that Titus will not be returning, as Jackson’s life came to an end.

Why Did Jackson West Leave the Show the Rookie?

Makin Jr has yet to publicly address the reasons for his departure. However, Alexi Hawley, The Rookie Showrunner, stated that there was no other option but to kill Jackson.

‘It’s heartbreaking…but I didn’t really have a choice,’ Hawley explained. [Titus Makin Jr.] was not returning, and because of how we set things up with the [Season 3] finale, there was simply no way to tell that story without Jackson.’

‘But we lean really hard into honoring how he was the heart of the show, and having to deal with that was definitely impactful for us.’


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Titus has not been active on social media since mid-June 2021, but he has stated that he does not intend to give any exit interviews, according to TV Line.

He does, however, have a successful music career as Butterfly Ali, so we may not hear from him again.

What Happened to Jackson West?

TVLine says that actor Titus Makin Jr. did not appear in the season 4 premiere because he had already left the show after the season 3 finale. Instead, his role was played by a stand-in.

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In the season 3 finale, Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) and Jackson West were taken by Sandra “La Fiera” De La Cruz. The season 4 premiere picked up where the season 3 finale left off (Camille Guaty).

Sergeant Grey (Richard T. Jones) watched security camera footage of Lopez and West being taken away in getaway cars in the first scene.