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Why Did Netflix Cancel Another Life Season 2?

Fans of Another Life received a blow when actress Katee Sackhoff said that there will be no third season and that the show had been canceled. “I’d want to thank every single person who watched & supported Another Life on [Netflix],” the celebrity tweeted on February 21.

Thank you to our cast and crew for always working so hard and being on time. I regret that it’s just not possible for us to conduct more seasons. I’ll see you on the upcoming journey. I adore Niko. On October 14, 2021, Netflix released the second season of the science fiction show, which followed astronaut Niko Breckinridge as he searches for extraterrestrial life.

New seasons typically get 28 days to make an impression on the streaming service’s website. The show failed to ever make it into the site’s Overall Top 10 in either the United States or the United Kingdom; its longest streak of success was an eight-day run in Slovakia.

Although Netflix rarely releases its own statistics on a show’s success rate, aggregate site FlixPatrol reports that it did. It made it to the Top 10 in 13 different nations, the bulk of which were in Europe, however, it quickly slipped out of all rankings. It allegedly fell out of the Top 10 in India after just one day.

In the four months that followed, Katee seemed to imply that there wasn’t good news for the show’s future. She responded to a popular joke from December that implied the show might have been canceled at the time. Let’s have Netflix air the next pandemic, the tweeter suggested.

Why Did Netflix Cancel Another Life Season 2?

Nothing is allowed to run for three seasons. Katee responded, “Well, ain’t that the darn truth,” in response. Rekha Sharma, who starred in Yellowjackets and joined Another Life in season two as Dr. Ursula Monroe, led the stars in conveying their sorrow at the show’s abrupt ending once Katee had confirmed it.

Rekha responded in response to Katee’s announcement: “Grateful I was there for a small while, Katee – That was such a gift! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our show possible. It actually means so much to us, and we bid Salvare and all of her designers a kind farewell. Thank you for the journeys you took us all on!

How to Watch Past Seasons of Another Life?

Netflix has Another Life Season 1 available. In the television series Another Life, Kate Sackhoff’s character commands a team on an investigation into the origins of an alien artifact.

It seems more and more likely that they are on a one-way mission as they look into it and the threat grows. Yikes! We are here for it because it sounds like a cross between Prometheus and Lost in Space.

Trailer for the Previous Season of Another Life

The extended trailer for Another Life has been released, revealing even more of the breathtaking action that takes place in space.


It failed to make it into Netflix’s Overall Top 10 in either the U.S. or UK. Rekha Sharma, who played Dr. Ursula Monroe, led the stars in conveying their sorrow. An extended trailer for season three has been released. It reveals even more action that takes place in space.