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Why Were the Baker and the Beauty Season 3 Cancelled?

The Baker And The Beauty won’t get a second season, and here’s why. Dean Georgaris, writer, producer, and creator of Bluff City Law, adapted the popular Israeli television series Beauty And The Baker for American audiences as the romantic comedy-drama The Baker And The Beauty.

The Miami-based drama follows the whirlwind romance of blue-collar Cuban-American Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), who works at his family’s bakery, and world-famous supermodel Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley, The Vampire Diaries).

Midway through April 2020, The Baker And The Beauty made its ABC debut, giving viewers some much-needed cheer during the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The show received high praise for its positive portrayal of a Latino family with an LGBTQ character (Daniel’s younger sister Natalie, played by Don’t Look Deeper’s Belissa Escobedo), which added some much-needed diversity to ABC’s lineup.

Its Notting Hill-like premise and heartwarming tone charmed critics. Sadly, The Baker And The Beauty didn’t have as much success as its Israeli counterpart and was cancelled a few weeks after the premiere of its first season finale. The Baker And The Beauty were cancelled, and this is everything we know about it.

Were the Baker and the Beauty Cancelled?

The Baker and the Beauty, one of ABC’s lowest-rated series with an average weekly audience of about 3 million viewers, was cancelled due to poor ratings.

The Baker and the Beauty

Even though critics liked The Baker and the Beauty, it didn’t connect with many viewers and was one of ABC’s least-watched shows during its first season of nine episodes.

Several news sources say that the low ratings were the main reason why ABC decided to cancel the rom-com.

The Cancellation of the Baker and the Beauty Was Contentious

Because of the cancellation of The Baker and the Beauty, there was a noticeable dearth of Latino-focused shows on network television in general and on ABC in particular after the decision was made.

Nathalie Kelley, a Peruvian-Australian actress, criticised the decision as “tone deaf,” and the other cast members of The Baker and the Beauty urged the show’s viewers to help save the show by signing an online petition requesting that it be picked up by another network and renewed for a second season.

In spite of the best efforts of the show’s cast, crew, and fans, the romantic comedy The Baker and the Beauty was not able to find another network that was willing to give it a second chance.

What Happens at the End of the Baker and the Beauty Season 2?

The Baker and the Beauty

By the end of the season, the Garcias had to decide whether to sell the bakery, and Daniel’s vote was the deciding one. But first, the rest of the family received a shock: not only did Noa meet Daniel when she got off the plane for her movie, but they also got engaged.

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Where to Watch the Baker and the Beauty Season 2?

The programme will be shown live and on-demand in Hebrew on Keshet 12. It’s unclear for English-speaking viewers whether or when Amazon Prime will broadcast the drama with subtitles. The beloved show’s final season is expected to consist of four episodes.

We have been working together for eight years, so there was a sense of family dissolving. I hope we can stay in touch, said Mark Ivanir, who plays Tzvika Granot. Filming for Lehiyot Ita took place at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and it has been in production for the past year.

Some cast members, like Ivanir, who reside outside of Israel faced logistical difficulties as a result of the pandemic. A few cases and covid scares that occurred during filming had an impact on the shooting timeline, according to Ivanir. We can’t wait to see what Season 3 has in store for the Dahari family and other characters.