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Will There Be a Frozen 3? How Does Frozen 2’s Ending Set Up the Third Movie?

Frozen 3 may have seemed inevitable after the undeniable success of Frozen 2 (it was the highest-grossing animated film ever after its release in November 2019), but Disney has yet to move forward with a third installment.

In fact, the last time we heard specifics about it was in June 2020, around the time that Into the Unknown was released on Disney+. Regarding a third film, Mark Smith, director of the story of Frozen II, stated, “We have not had that conversation.”

Chris Buck, who co-directed both Frozen films with Jennifer Lee, echoed his sentiments. “I always say, ‘Ask us a little bit later,'” he told “For us, I would say, ‘Ask us in six months.'”

Kristen Bell confirmed Frozen 3 in June despite having no authority to do so. She said, “Please note that I did say I had no authority because I cannot do that. I cannot do so. I am not the leader.

“However, something may be in the works and may occur… perhaps.” Mysterious. Before the release of the sequel, Lee did tell Digital Spy that the second film felt like it could be the end for Anna and Elsa. She also pointed out that they said the same thing at the end of the first film.

“This appears to be what we intended to accomplish. It feels like the end, but so did the first one when we completed it. We cannot say. Currently, it feels like the end to me,” she explained.

With this in mind, let’s speculate about a potential Frozen 3 installment.

Frozen 3 Release Date

As previously stated, there were six years between Frozen and Frozen II, so even if Frozen 3 became a reality, Anna and Elsa may not return until 2025.

Will There Be a Frozen 3?

The excellent making-of-Frozen II documentary series Into the Unknown (viewable on Disney+) discusses the sheer level of detail that goes into creating an animation, so it’s understandable that a gap exists.

At the time of writing, it appears that the wait for Frozen 3 will be lengthy. We can then have a better idea of when to expect it if Disney starts talking about it soon.

Who Will Reprise Their Roles for Frozen 3?

It wouldn’t be a Frozen film without Kristen Bell as Anna and Idina Menzel as Elsa; both stars have expressed interest in reprising their respective roles if a third film is confirmed. Also expected to return are Josh Gad as Olaf and Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (and Sven).

We assume they would all be interested in returning, and since the release of the sequel, Gad has already reprised his role as Olaf in the digital series At Home with Olaf.

Sterling K. Brown as Mattias, Jason Ritter as Northuldra member Ryder, Rachel Matthews as Ryder’s sister Honeymaren, and Ciarán Hinds as Rock Trolls leader Pabbie are also expected to return.

After Frozen II’s flashbacks, we may see more of Evan Rachel Wood and Alfred Molina as Anna and Elsa’s parents, Idunn and Agnarr. Given that Disney has not even confirmed the third film, all of this casting is pure speculation.

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Frozen 3 Plot: How Does Frozen 2’s Ending Set Up the Third Movie?

Anna and Elsa travel to the enchanted forest outside of Arendelle in the sequel to discover why Elsa has been hearing a mysterious voice and to stop the enchanted spirits from destroying Arendelle.

It turns out that there was a battle between Arendelle soldiers and the forest-dwelling Northuldra people in the past, resulting in the forest’s isolation from the rest of the world.

In short, they discover that their parents were shipwrecked while en route to Ahtohallan to discover the source of Elsa’s power. Anna and Elsa discover that their mother was Northuldran upon discovering their ship in the enchanted forest.

In addition, their grandfather was responsible for the conflict and intended to weaken the Northuldran people by constructing a dam in the forest. Anna realizes that she must break the dam to liberate the forest in order to right past wrongs.

Elsa was frozen in Ahtohallan while searching for the voice, which turned out to be a recollection of her mother. As we all know, a bridge has two sides, and Anna is the other.

Elsa remains in the forest, while Anna ascends to the throne of Arendelle, ensuring that both kingdoms live happily ever after. It feels like a natural conclusion to the arcs established in Frozen, fulfilling the producer’s promise that the two films would tell “one complete story.” Anna has now found her place in the world, while Elsa has fully accepted her magical side.

Will There Be a Frozen 3?

If there were to be the third film, they would have to create a new conflict in which Anna and Elsa are threatened, and it could become an unnecessary sequel.

As with the sequel, Gad believes there will only be the third film if “there was a reason to exist.” “I do not know if or when Frozen 3 will be released.” He told, “That’s well above my pay grade.”

If there is always a story worth telling, I have no doubt that Jennifer Lee and the incredible Disney animation team will one day tell it.

Frozen 3 Trailer News: Any Frozen 3 Footage Yet?

Given that Disney has not yet confirmed it, there is nothing we can show you from the third film. However, there is an abundance of Frozen-related media to watch if you are feeling nostalgic for Arendelle.