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When Will Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Premiere on Paramount?

In November 2022, Yellowstone made a comeback with its fifth season, and with each subsequent episode, its popularity steadily rose. The Dutton family’s ongoing struggle for control of the biggest ranch in Montana has increased the tension in the show.

Recently, the fifth season’s seventh episode aired, and now that it has, many are excitedly anticipating the eighth. Unfortunately, the series is currently on break, so this week’s eighth episode won’t air. So when will the eighth episode of Yellowstone season 5 be released? Find out by reading on.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 gave the characters an hour to contemplate before next week’s cataclysmic mid-season finale, where the family will turn on each other.

Episode 7 laid the framework for Jaime’s public flip against his father and the cattle contracting brucellosis, endangering the Ranch’s earnings. To help you comprehend what’s coming, I’ll recap, break down, and explain this episode.

Yellowstone Season 5 Will Not Air New Episode on Christmas

This season’s flashbacks began in Episode 7. Rip was guarding the animals against the wolves. However, he fought Beth about her nasty words. He killed the harsh-worded man. This was included to reflect Rip and Beth’s love, care, and commitment, even while Beth wasn’t in his life.

Beth was ready to go to Texas with Rip at the end of this episode since she couldn’t stand being apart from him. Their love is undeniable, despite their unusual connection.

John offering Rip a safe haven from the cops enhanced their friendship. With the season focusing on Rip and Beth as children, I wonder.

I wonder whether something awful could happen between them. Rip may encounter trouble in the south. Due to animal sickness, the Ranch’s livelihood is in danger today.

With Jaime trying to impeach his father, being John Dutton seems like a tough but predictable job. After a smooth governorship, the future is bleak. Let’s explain by primary character endings.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date

In January 2023, the program will return from its midseason break. The season will only take a little break over the holidays as the eighth episode of season 5 will broadcast on Paramount on Sunday, January 8, 2023, at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT / 5 pm PT.

On Monday, January 9, 2023, the episode will be made accessible for streaming on Paramount+. The fifth season of Yellowstone will consist of 14, making it the most episodes to date. Comparatively, the subsequent seasons each had 10 episodes instead of the first season’s nine.

Where to Watch Yellowstone Season 5?

The streaming service Paramount+ should not be confused with Paramount Network, which will be the only place to watch Yellowstone Season 5.

The fifth season of Yellowstone will soon stream on Peacock, where the first four seasons are currently available to watch, as NBCUniversal acquired the streaming rights to the show in 2020. On Apple TV+ and Prime Video, viewers can also buy individual seasons and episodes.

How Many Episodes Will Yellowstone Season 5 Have?

In contrast to the previous seasons, Yellowstone season 5 will consist of a total of 14 episodes, each of which will be split into two parts of seven episodes.

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