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“Christmas with You star” Zenzi Williams age, height, Instagram, roles and Everything

Zenzi Williams portrays Monique in the latest holiday film from Netflix, Christmas with You! Continue reading to learn more about the actress and film.

With Netflix’s new seasonal offerings, we’re getting into the holiday spirit with little over a month until Christmas! Christmas with You, featuring Lucifer’s Aimee Garcia (Angelina) and Scooby-Freddie Doo’s Prinze Jr. (Miguel), is the newest family-friendly film to be added to Netflix’s extensive catalog, ready to tug at your heartstrings and make you grin as the most joyous day of the year approaches.

Without further ado, here is all the information we have about the actress.

What is Zenzi Williams’s age?

The actress who portrays Angelina’s devoted aide Monique has a very youthful appearance, making it difficult to estimate her age. Unfortunately, it appears that Zenzi has not previously disclosed her age or the precise day of her birth. However, if we were to speculate, we would say that the actress is between 25 and 30 years old.

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What is Zenzi Williams’s height?

Similarly, the Christmas with You actress has not previously addressed her height given her age. Therefore, for the time being, we can only offer an estimate of Zenzi’s height. At the premiere of the Netflix film, the actress paused to photograph with her co-stars on the red carpet and appeared to tower over several of her co-stars.


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Based on the fact that Freddie Prince Jr. is 6ft 1in tall, according to Super Star Bio, and Zenzi is only a few inches shorter (assuming she is wearing heels), we estimate that the Monique actress is approximately 5ft 8in tall. Obviously, this is only an estimate at the moment, but we are fairly confident in our forecast. Stay informed for updates!

Zenzi Williams Instagram Account Details

If you’re interested in following the actress on social media, you can find her on Instagram under the handle @zen will.” In her bio, Zenzi is described as a “storyteller, vegan babe, and healer.”

Zenzi Williams Roles & Acting

Black Panther (2018), Daredevil (2015), and The Defenders are Zenzi Williams‘ most well-known roles (2017). According to IMDb, the actress has a total of eleven acting credits. Other positions she has held include:

  • Bethany in American Rust (2021)
  • Niya Curtis in Chicago Fire (2019)
  • Mrs. Jassem in Blue Bloods (2019)