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Manchester City dominates the game, clinching a 5-0 win

Manchester City won the first leg of the Champions League against Sporting CP, leading the game by 5 goals and causing game-winning destruction in Lisbon.

Manchester City defeated Sporting CP in the opening leg of the Champions League, winning by a score of 5 goals and unleashing a game-winning destruction in Lisbon.

Pep’s team seemed to have won the game within the first half of the play as the half-time score was 4-0. Bernardo Silva scored two stunning goals, while Mahrez, Foden, and Sterling put one each into the net.

Bernardo Silva was awarded as the Player of the game because of his 2 fantastic goals. Bernardo scored tone in the 17th minute, giving City a lead of 2 goals in such a short time and struck once again just before the half-time whistle was approaching to blow.

The City has dominated the away game of this Round of 16 and with a 5-goal lead, City will be waiting to host Sporting CP for yet another dominating defeat.

Mahrez put in the first goal (7), followed by Silva’s stunning goal (17). Foden too contributed (32) and Silva scored once again (44) to seal the game within the first half with a lead of 4-0. Sterling scored the final goal of this dominating game (58).

“It’s a very good performance,” Silva said in the post-game conference. “I honestly think in the first half we weren’t good enough to be 4-0 up, continued Silva.