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How to Acquire the Belly Drum on Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Azumarill is chosen by many Scarlet and Violet trainers who wish to engage in battle in five- and six-star Tera Raids.

The sheer flexibility of the species, along with the Belly Drum ability, may make playing solo or with the company in Tera Raids much easier and more enjoyable.

Therefore, the Azumarill Pokémon does not know the move Belly Drum by default, and you must teach it in order for it to learn it.

If you don’t know how to obtain Belly Drum on Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, continue reading as I will cover the following in this guide:

  • A summary of the Azumarill Pokémon.
  • The Effects of the Belly Drum on the Azumarill
  • How to train an Azumarill to perform the Belly Drum

Overview Azumarill Pokemon

You may utilize the Azumarill as both a tank and an attacker, making it one of the most versatile Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. Tasks and Games. Osmtechno Software Solutions!

It is frequently utilized as a counter against Oddish, Bulbasaur, and other Grass-type Pokémon due to its Sap Sipper ability, which renders it resistant to Grass-type attacks.

How to Get Belly Drum on Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In addition, if you employ Huge Power or Thick Fat, the Azumarill will receive a boost, allowing it to deal the same amount of damage it is suffering.

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And when coupled with Belly Drum, the Azumarill becomes a veritable monster that can assist you in destroying five- and six-star Tera Raids.

What Does the Azumarill Belly Drum Do?

When you teach your Azumarill the Belly Drum move, it will increase its Attack stat in return for half of its maximum HP. This alone makes Belly Drum the most important move your Azumarill can learn, therefore teaching it this move is critical. Having said that, doing so is not as simple as I would have wanted, but since you’re here, I’ll show you how to do it.

How to Teach an Azumarill to Play the Belly Drum

How to Acquire the Belly Drum on Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To teach Azumarill the Belly Drum move, you must have a Hariyama that already understands the move.

Then, you must purchase a Mirror Herb from one of the six Delibird Presents locations (you can find 3x in Mesagoza, 1x in Levincia, and 1x in Cascarrafa).

The cost of the Mirror Herb is 30,000 Pokémon Dollars.

Once you have gathered the aforementioned materials, please follow the instructions listed below.

  • Remove one of Azumarill’s moves from its Pokemon Box in order to create room for Belly Drum.
  • Equip the Mirror Herb to the Azumarill that you wish to teach the Belly Drum move, then place it in your item bag.
  • Add a Hariyama with the move Belly Drum to your party.
  • Open a picnic, and your Azumarill should perform the Belly Drum move naturally.
  • Verify that the motion has been correctly replicated from the Hariyama to your Azumarill.
  • The result is such.

This is how you teach the Belly Drum moves to an Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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