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How to Quickly Unlock Sonic Frontiers Infinite Boost Ability

Sonic Frontiers requires players to move extremely quickly. Having said that, the Infinite Boost ability has become somewhat of a fixture in the Sonic video game series, and it is present in the new game as well.

As the name implies, Infinite Boost allows players to employ Boost without being constrained by the Boost Gauge. In earlier Sonic games, this could be triggered from the options menu after being unlocked by collecting specific rings.

With a Catch, You Can Get an Infinite Boost

The process of acquiring this ability is not overly complicated. Be aware, however, that despite living up to its name, this feature within the game will lose its effectiveness after some time, and in order for players to reactivate it, they will need to repeat a specific process.

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The Infinite Boost from Sonic Frontiers

The first thing that players will need to do is unlock Sonic’s Cyloop skill, which can be found on the character’s skill tree. When this condition is satisfied, it will be necessary for players to use the aforementioned ability to draw an infinity symbol.

How to Quickly Unlock Sonic Frontiers' Infinite Boost Ability

When Sonic’s boost meter appears alongside an infinity symbol, players will be aware that this ability has been activated and can use it. As was stated earlier, it is only going to last for a certain amount of time, so maximize its potential while it is still available.

By utilizing the Cyloop skill, players have the opportunity to acquire additional rings as well as other items, such as Memory Tokens. Simply use this ability to draw a circle, and when you do, these items will appear inside it. It will be helpful in making Sonic go an insanely fast speed if you use this trick to get all of the rings to their maximum level.

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It is also recommended that you avoid bumping into adversaries or getting hit by them because doing either of these things will result in the loss of rings that you have worked so hard to obtain.

Gotta Go Lightning Fast

Another suggestion is to combine Infinite Boost and Power Boosting, which will enable Sonic to dash faster and produce a blue lightning flash like in the live-action movie. Players in Sonic Frontiers should carry the most rings possible in order to activate the latter.

How to Quickly Unlock Sonic Frontiers' Infinite Boost Ability

The catch is that Sonic’s speed will eventually revert to its original boost as the number of rings decreases. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Infinite Boost in Sonic Frontiers cannot be used in the game’s Cyber Space. The function is designed to be used in the open-world biomes of the main game so that players can quickly navigate its size.

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This clever move can also be used by players when fighting Titans. When they are catching up with those towering foes, dodging incoming attacks, and scaling up to reach Chaos Emeralds, this skill will be of great assistance.

By the time players have obtained those Chaos Emeralds, the effectiveness of the ability has been neutralized. This occurs as a result of the mechanics changing throughout a boss battle.

The fact that this skill can only be used in the main game and cannot be transferred to other game modes like Time Attack will be well known to longtime fans of the game series. There are a lot more skills in the game that, when used properly, will be very helpful to players.