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“Pros and Cons” of Team Harmony in Pokemon GO

As they progress, Pokemon GO users often select one of the three primary teams. The three teams are often identified by their respective names or colors: Mystic (Blue), Valor (Red), and Instinct (Yellow).

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Nonetheless, the Pokemon GO community has created a fourth, secret team named Harmony. This unauthorized team is often connected with the color green and employs the legendary Pokémon Lugia from the Johto region as its insignia. This is in contrast to the three Legendary Birds used as insignia by the canon teams.

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According to Harmony players, they do not choose a side in order to restore balance to the inter-team dispute. Those who do not choose a team are frequently excluded from certain gaming events.

“Pros and Cons” of Team Harmony in Pokemon GO

Team Harmony is an interesting trend in Pokemon GO, given that the game often takes considerable pains to get trainers to join a team.

Nonetheless, there are still players who refuse to do so, often by leaving the game when requested to join one of the three major clubs. This allows them to return to the game without picking a team, prompting the backdrop of their player page to turn green. This is probably why Team Harmony has chosen the same hue.

Pokemon GO gamers who identify as members of Team Harmony may still play the majority of the game. However, certain features are unavailable until they choose one of the canon teams.

This indicates that Harmony players cannot participate in raids or receive free Pokecoins under specific conditions. Some players have stated that they are unable to use the in-game assessment system, as they lack a Team Leader to do the evaluation.

Team Harmony may still participate in several in-game activities in Pokemon GO, including capturing Pokemon, doing research, and participating in the GO Battle League. However, having access to features like raids and the evaluation system might make the game more challenging, thus trainers must find ways to compensate.

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Certainly, raids and evaluations are not required to enjoy the mobile game. However, until players pick a side, these aspects of the game are locked away.

In addition, because gyms are based on the three-team dynamic, Team Harmony players cannot interact offensively or defensively with gyms. This is the primary reason why they cannot accumulate Pokecoins for free.

Despite missing out on all of this material, some players are ready to forsake some in-game features in order to restore a feeling of equilibrium among the three beleaguered teams.

A few Team Harmony supporters frequently reference the animated film Pokemon 2000, in which the three Legendary Birds fought each other. Lugia arrived from its burrow in the water to end the struggle between the three big birds by utilizing its vast strength.

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This may explain Team Harmony’s continued popularity in Pokemon GO, despite not being officially acknowledged by Niantic.