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Teen Patti: an Indian Card Game Players Should Know More About

Over the years, India has produced a lot of exciting card games that entertained them. As the games are being enjoyed across the country, they have become a part of their culture. With how fun they are, it is no longer surprising to know that their games have also been adored by many players from other parts of the globe.

Today, there are a lot of Indian card games that are being enjoyed for social occasions. Some of them grew so massively popular that they have already been adapted to a global scale and were even in fact included in online casinos. These card games then happen to be included alongside other popular card games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Among the popular Indian card games, people should know more about is teen patti.

Teen patti live, as seen in online casinos, is an exciting card game a lot of players can enjoy. Its traditional and online versions share the same gameplay so players won’t have to worry about it being complicated. For those who haven’t tried it yet, here are a few things to learn about the game:

What is Teen Patti?

Teen patti is a game played among three to six participants. This works like a three-card brag game which is known as an English variation of poker. However, it is in this game called ‘flash’ or ‘flush’ that players are given three cards instead of two to have the best hand.

Another characteristic that people love most about these games is that there are no community cards being dealt. Rather, players are given the chance to look at their cards or keep them face down, depending on their preferences.

How to Play the Game

The game starts when players place bets before the designated dealer deals three cards counter-clockwise. After all bets have been placed, players are given the option to look at their cards or not. If they do, they can perform ‘Seen’. Meanwhile, they can play ‘Blind’ if they don’t.

Once all cards have been dealt, the betting round starts but it all depends on how the players have wished to play. ‘Blind’ participants can place some bets and leave the decision to the next person. Meanwhile, ‘seen’ players can either double their bets or fold.

Once all bets have been settled, all the hands of the remaining players will be revealed. The player with the higher hand then wins the game.

Card Rankings

Quite similar to poker, there is also a special ranking of cards being followed in a teen patti game. With that, here is a better understanding of the cards when they’re sorted from strongest to weakest.

  • Trail or trio → three cards of the same rank
  • Pure sequence or straight flush → three consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Sequence or straight – three consecutive cards that are not in the same suit
  • Colour of flush – three suited cards
  • Pair – two cards of the same rank and another card
  • High card – your hand’s highest-ranked card

These are just some facts that people would have to know about teen patti live game. By having a better understanding of the game, people will be able to enjoy the game when they see it on online casinos. With how fast and easy the game is, there is no doubt that players can be more eager to try it and see how much they can win from it.