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Who is Nalla Yash? Check Out His Free Fire MAX ID, stats, and More details

After launching his Nalla Yash channel in 2020, Yashraj Singh Rajput is a relative newcomer to the Free Fire content development sector. He uploads mostly interesting gaming videos with amusing comments.

In November 2021, following the success of his original channel, Yashraj launched the NallaYash Live channel. Additionally, the channel has reached 601k subscribers. In addition to his YouTube audience, the content producer has 2,250 Instagram followers.

Nalla Yash’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, and More details

The Free Fire MAX ID for Nalla Yash is 1358579891. The content producer has attained Heroic rank in the Heroic tier during BR-Ranked Season 30 and Master rank during CS-Ranked Season 16.

As of December 8, 2022, his statistics are as follows:

Nalla Yash's BR Career (Image via Garena)
Nalla Yash’s BR Career (Image via Garena)

BR Career stats

Nalla Yash has been successful in 223 of 1004 solo bouts, achieving a victory percentage of 22.21%. He has defeated 2651 opponents, 784 of them were eliminated by headshots. This gives him a K/D ratio of 3.39, while his headshot percentage is 29.57 percent.

Nalla Yash's BR Career (Image via Garena)

The Content Creator has participated in 1778 pair games and won 572 of them, for a victory record of 32.17 percent. He has amassed 5359 kills and scored 1230 headshots for a K/D ratio of 4.44 and a headshot rate of 22.95%.

Nalla Yash has won 9986 of 2,118 team matches in Free Fire MAX, representing a victory percentage of 49.63%. This results in a K/D ratio of 7.79 and a headshot rate of 29.34%. He has logged 78900 frags, of which 23150 have been registered as headshots.

BR-Ranked stats

The YouTuber has participated in two solo matches without success. However, Yash has eliminated three foes and scored one headshot, maintaining a K/D ratio of 1.50 and a headshot rate of 33.33 percent.

Nalla Yash's BR-Ranked stats (Image via Garena)

Nalla Yash has competed in 23 pair matches during Season 30 of Free Fire MAX Ranked, earning two victories to maintain a win percentage of 8.69%. In the course of his 40 eliminations, he has scored 11 headshots, accumulating a K/D ratio of 1.90 and a headshot rate of 27.50%.

In ten of the 46 team games, the Indian star has crossed the finish line ahead of the opposition, resulting in a victory percentage of 21.73%. Nalla Yash has eliminated 107 foes, 33 of which were due to headshots, garnering a K/D ratio of 2.97 and a headshot rate of 30.84 percent.

During the time this article was written, Nalla Yash’s Free Fire MAX statistics were logged. As the YouTuber continues to play more games of the battle royale game, these stats will certainly alter.

Monthly income

Nalla Yash's estimated earnings (Image via Social Blade)

Social Blade estimates that Nalla Yash’s monthly income ranges from $24 to $379. Similarly, annual income forecasts range between $285 to $4,600.

YouTube Channel Details

In the latter half of 2020, Yashraj Singh Rajput created his Nalla Yash YouTube channel. Since then, he has gathered over 380 uploads with a total of 98,416 million views.

Midway through 2021, the channel had just over 50,000 members, but its growth has exploded. It reached 600,000 members in the following months and is currently close to 1 million. Moreover, according to Social Blade, the content provider has lost 3k subscribers and generated 94.863k views in the past month.

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