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She and Her Perfect Husband Will Appeal to Romance Readers

She and Her Perfect Husband is a drama about two people with similar problems who fake-marry each other.

Qin Shi works at a law firm where everyone is required to be married. She comes up with the idea to find a temporary husband on the internet. Yang Hua finds out and tells her to tell him that they’re “divorced.”

But Hua has another problem: his mother won’t let him out of the house unless he gets married, so they have to settle on a marriage.

They’re sure they won’t fall in love, but after just a few episodes, fans can tell that Hua and Shi are getting closer.

This drama is different for fans because it deals with age differences and marriage stereotypes. The story of a contract marriage that turns into love also keeps viewers interested. Even though the plot is predictable, this show is great for romance fans because it has a good mix of sweet moments and work.

As the show seems to be about divorce, two supporting actors, Li Dai and Tao Jun Hui stand out.

On Viki, new episodes of this show come out Monday through Thursday.

Still Disliking Lighter and Princess Yet Adoring She and Her Perfect Husband

She and Her Perfect Husband

She and Her Perfect Husband thoughts so far

  • I really like the office drama, though. It reminds me a little bit of the Korean drama “Why Her” (but not as much), which I really liked. I like courtroom dramas, so I like this part of the show.
  • If you want a good job, you have to be married and have kids, which must be a bummer.
  • I like how the story moves along. It’s a slow burn, but the development feels natural, not like random things are getting in the way or someone’s feelings aren’t being shown.
  • I’m not going to talk about the second couple because they are so annoying and don’t add anything to the show.

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Censorship Concerns?

In what looks to be one of the hottest dramas of the second half of this year, capable but single lawyer Qin Shi (Yang Mi) and charming homebody Yang Hua (Xu Kai) get married for their own reasons in a marriage-before-love setup. This plays out the trope of a woman with a younger man. The movie’s leads, who are 9 years apart in real life, hugged and kissed each other in the trailer, which has already caused quite a stir.

Some fans don’t believe that the delay was caused by a “technical issue,” and others think that She and Her Perfect Husband might have gotten in the way of the National Radio and Television Administration because it was “too entertaining.” This is unlikely, though, since the drama already has a distribution permit from the government. Plans for a simultaneous broadcast on TV, the web, and satellite could also be a reason for the delay, even though the initial broadcast date had already passed.