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Cheer Up Episode 13 Release Date, Where to Watch and Ending Explanation of Episode 12

Cheer Up is a great mix of romance, drama, and thrills. It is also a sports drama. Do Hae-Yi, a student at Yonhee University, is at the center of the story. She is smart and works hard, but because her family’s finances are so bad, she has to put her focus on making money instead of her education.

But when Hae-Yi joins the cheer squad, Theia, everything changes. She only joins to make money, but she soon gets caught up in the close-knit group dynamic. One of them is Bae Young-Woong, who used to be a member and now gives both money and emotional support to the cheering squad.

If you’ve been watching this Korean drama, you might be wondering when the next episode will come out. Well, wonder no more!

Cheer Up! Episode 13 Release Date

Cheer Up Episode 13 Release Date

Cheer Up! Episode 13 will come out on Monday, December 5, at around 4 p.m. Before a whole chapter has been subbed on Viki, the people who do the subs can be a little slow.

Still, you can expect the subtitles to be more detailed. Most of the time, there is less delay with Viu.

Where can I View Cheer Up?

Woori the Virgin can be watched online on Viki and, in some places, on Viu. But those don’t cover Europe or the UK, which is a shame. Cheer Up, on the other hand, is being shown on SBS at 22:00 pm for Koreans.

Episode 12 of Cheer Up Recap

In 2006, when it starts, Dae-father o’s is very drunk. Dae-o is upset, and the stress is getting to him. He says to his parents that they have no idea who he is. He gets a message from Ae-Jeong, and she asks if he’s okay and why he went to see his parents. He can’t pay attention to Ae-Jeong because he’s sad and down on himself.

News Spreads Quickly

Ae-Jeong reads in the news that Ryu Jin is Ha-father nee’s in the present day. This makes her very upset, so she takes a taxi to school. Students talk and laugh about Ha-nee and talk about the rumors that are going around the school. Ae-Jeong finds Ha-nee, but her daughter is not happy. She says that she already knew Ryu Jin was her father and was wondering where the hell he was. Ae-Jeong tries to tell Ha-nee that Ryu Jin is not her father, but no one will tell her the truth. Keeping it all a secret has made it all worse.

She’s Not Even My Daughter

Cheer Up Episode 13 Release Date

Ryu Jin tells his assistant that Ha-nee is not even his daughter. Because he thought she was his daughter, he got himself into this mess and messed up his career. His helper wants him to tell the truth to the press. Then, Ae-Jeong storms into the office and asks why a false story about her was spread. She is angry. Ryu Jin then talks to Ms. Song, who tells him she only wanted to hurt them. She laughs at the actor and makes fun of him, saying that he did this himself and hurt her business. As the series goes on, Ms. Song has shown what kind of person she really is.

Comforting Ha-nee

Ha-nee is sad and sitting on a park bench when Dae-o comes along and tries to cheer her up. She tells him not to hide the truth. She thinks about it and decides that her mother kept the truth from her to keep her safe. She’s sick of hearing the word “Dad.” Dae-o says he’s sorry, and Ha-nee thanks him for making her feel better. These two could easily be father and daughter.

Mom, Help!

Yeon-woo begs his mother to hire lawyers and fix the article for Ae-Jeong. If she does, he will move back in. His mother tells him that when she begged him to let her go, he didn’t even move. “Do you like her that much?” she asks. Yeon-woo says that he does, which is why it hurts him so much when people talk badly about Ae-Jeong. In 2005, Yeon-woo gets hurt while playing basketball, and Ae-Jeong brings him food to the hospital in a flashback. He tells Ae-Jeong that his mother is glad he is hurt and can’t play basketball anymore. Ae-Jeong tells him that he’s really good at a lot of things and that he shouldn’t give up. This scene helps us understand why Yeon-woo fell in love with her.

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Episode 12 Ending of Cheer Up

Ae-Jeong then meets Ms Song. She grabs Ms. Song’s arm and tells her to stop hurting her daughter. The article is criticized, and now the news says that Ryu Jin will go to court. Some people at school are sad that Ryu Jin isn’t Ha-father. nee’s Dong-chan sticks up for her and gets into a fight because of it. Ae-Jeong sees Ryu Jin’s press conference and the court case, and she collapses a little from being so tired. Dae-o offers to drive her home, but she doesn’t want to take him up on it. He then asks her if the answer hasn’t changed, but she gets a phone call about a fight at school. Yeon-woo defends Ha-nee and Dong-chan. When Ae-Jeong comes, she is told how she should be a parent.

The parents of the kids who are complaining tell Ae-Jeong that it’s clear she’s the problem. Ha-nee gets angry, but Mr. Jang grabs Ae-Jeong and Ha-nee before Dae-o comes in and tells Mr. Jang to let go. When the teacher asks who Dae-o is, he says, “I’m her father.” Next week, there will be more trouble. Episode 12 was a big step up because the story moved forward and there was some good drama.