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How to Watch Curtain Call Episode 12 on Viki, Storyline, Cast and a Quick Recap

The release date for Curtain Call Episode 12 is out, so it’s time to find out everything there is to know about the show and the next episode. Let’s try to break down each detail, including a recap of Curtain Call, the episode’s release date, and how to watch it.

To keep his promise to Moon, Taejon calls Sejoon to let him know if Jaeheon is a fake. Taejon does this while he thinks about how he will use the real Moon-sung as a bargaining chip in his fight with Jae over the motel.

But Se-Joon stops him and tells Tae that if he does anything else, he will sue him. He finds Sejoon in the parking lot and begs him to pay attention because he won’t listen to “no.” When they get back to Se-house, Joon’s he talks Moon into getting a DNA test.

A match of 99.99% passed the test. Now that Se-Joon knows Jae is a fake, he acts much nicer around him at home than he did before. Yeon, on the other hand, keeps to herself whenever she is with Heon. These two big changes in character made Jae think that something was wrong.

A nervous Jae meets Secretary and Hee outside to explain the differences in Yeon and Se’s personalities and how they would have changed if they had noticed them.

Jung tells Moon and Joon that they have been found out because he saw them meeting with Moon and Joon. He says that he will end it by telling Geum the truth. But because they’ve grown to care about the house and Geum, they beg for more time.

How to Watch Curtain Call Episode 12?

As was said before, Korean fans will be able to watch the first episode of Season 12 of Curtain Call on KBS2. At the same time, people in other areas need to check the dates and times listed above to find out when Curtain Call Episode 12 will be available to stream in their areas. One streaming platform is Rakuten Viki, which has different plans, the cheapest of which costs $4.99.

Release Date for Episode 12 of Curtain Call

Curtain Call Episode 12

The 12th episode of Curtain Call will come out on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. At about 9:50 p.m. KST, Episode 12 of Curtain Call will be shown on KBS2. Curtain Call episode 12 can also be streamed outside of South Korea at 8:50 p.m. Singapore time, which is 4:40 a.m. PT, 7:50 a.m. EST, 6:20 p.m. IST, and 11:50 p.m. AEDT.

What Happens Next in Episode 12 of Curtain Call?

In the next episode, Jae-Heon will decide to tell Geum-soon the truth. He doesn’t want to hide things from her or act like someone he’s not. But he will talk to Secretary Jung and Yoon-hee before he says this. Well, the episode will be huge because the truth will finally come out. It will be interesting to see how the grandmother reacts. There is a chance that Jung will meet Moon-sung again and try to find out what he really wants. In the meantime, Jae-life Heon will be a mess because he still can’t tell the truth, even though he wants to.

On OTT Platforms, Curtain Call Season 1 Episode 12

Online platforms are becoming some of the best places to watch TV shows because they make it possible for shows and movies to be released all at once. There have been more people watching series because there are more ways to watch them online. These online platforms make it easy for people who like to binge-watch to do so with little effort. In fact, you can also watch Curtain Call Season 1 Episode 12 online.

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Extended Cast of Curtain Call

Curtain Call Episode 12

  • Sung Dong Il as Jeong Sang Cheol
  • Jung Ji So as Seo Yoon Hee
  • Noh Sang Hyun as Ri Moon Sung
  • Kwon Sang Woo as Bae Dongn Jae
  • Ji Seung Hyun as Park Se Jun
  • Choi Dae Hoon as Park Se Gyu
  • Hwang Wooseulhye as Hyun Ji Won
  • Bae Hae Sun as Yoon Jung Sook
  • Kim Hyun Sook as Hong Ra Kyung
  • Jung Yoo Jin as Song Hyo Jin
  • Son Jong Hak as Kim Seung Do
  • Han Jae Young as Jang Tae Joo

A Quick Recap!

In the last episode, Moon-sung went to the cafe to see his grandmother Geum-soon, who was there by herself. He planned to tell her everything when he talked to her. Most importantly, Moon-sung wanted to talk about how the death of his father had a big effect on his family. He left North Korea to find work because of this. Moon-sung had been through a lot of hard times, and all he wanted was to see her and move in with his grandmother. But he left the cafe before he could say anything because he saw someone.

At the same time, Jae-Heon took Se-Yeon out of the room where all the reporters were. He didn’t like what she said and he wanted to know why. But before he could say anything, Se-Yeon called him a fake and said she knew everything. It wasn’t the time to lie, especially since she knew he wasn’t Moon-sung. When Jae-Heon found out this, he decided to stop talking about it, even though he wanted to tell her the truth. Things got bad between Jae-Heon and the rest of the family, though.