Take A Look At Fanta G Spot Episode 4 Recap and Review: Mi-na and Woo-Jae Goes for Outing

Fanta G Spot Episode 4 Recap and Review

At the beginning of Episode 4 of Fanta G Spot, Hee-Jae wakes up a single woman who had been drunk the night before. She probably doesn’t remember meeting In-chan the night before, so she opens her phone right away and looks at her latest credit card bill. She is owed more than 3 million won and will have to fix her bank account the same way she fixed her self-esteem after breaking up with Hyun-woo.

Perfect Partner Requirements

Hee-Jae starts by getting rid of old things in her apartment that remind her of Hyun-woo. She then starts to redecorate with things and colors that are important to the new Hee-Jae. Hee-Jae and Mi-na are both told to go to their boss Mr. Sim’s cabin, and while Mi-na is walking there, she tells Hee-Jae that she is going out with Woo-Jae. Hee-Jae is excited about Mi-new na’s boyfriend, but Mi-na is worried about what kind of person a guy like her would be.

Hee-Jae runs into In-chan outside of Mr. Sim’s cabin, but the two almost never talk to each other. Mr. Sim tells the two that they will have to work an extra hour that weekend and host a live show of the Fanta G Podcast for PR. Mr. Sim doesn’t want to hire a PR person, so he offers to pay the two extra money in exchange for one hour of their time on the weekend.

The live show was supposed to happen at the same At a book festival, In-chan would hold a seminar for the people who read his books. Hee-Jae agrees to work on the weekend because he needs money, and Mi-na agrees to keep up the team spirit even though she doesn’t want to. Hee-Jae tells Mi-na that she will be able to get out in time and asks her friend to help her this time.

Fanta G Spot Episode 4 Recap and Review

Mi-na asks Hee-Jae to go out for drinks after she works late that night. She tells Mi-na that she has a blind date planned. Mi-na is shocked and proud of how much the woman has changed. Hee-Jae is becoming and hopes she has a good time on her second date. Hee-Jae is acting very prim and proper on her date with a man who looks very good-looking.

Everything is going well, and Hee-Jae is drunk because her date gave her red wine instead of soju. Hee-date Jae seems to be texting someone on and off the whole time, which is the only problem. Since the wine made her feel good, Hee-Jae agrees to get a room with the man, and the two of them leave the restaurant together.

As they walk down a street full of hotels and motels, the man tells Hee-Jae that he is looking for a good place for them to stay. Hee-Jae tells him that the one they were at was pretty good and clean. He is nervous about the place, so he starts to text someone. The man says to Hee-Jae that his mother didn’t like the hotel.

Hee-Jae realizes that the “Mumma’s boy” has been texting his mother all night to ask what to do about the date. When his mother calls, he talks to her in the most childish way he can think of. He tries to get out of going out with Hee-Jae for the night, but she tells him to get lost and leaves on her own.

Since the live stream and In-seminar chans are both happening on the same weekend, the girls get ready to set up the podcast stall on their own. Soon, people start to sit down because they find the girls interesting. Mi-na and Hee-Jae are talking about sex partners or “friends with benefits” and asking the crowd what they think about this new way of dating.

Most of the people in the audience say what they want in a sex partner, but as soon as the conversation gets interesting, everyone rushes to see In-chan at his seminar. The girls are left behind, and there isn’t a single person in the audience while In-chan talks to his audience about sex and masturbation.

He tells his fans that the stress of the pandemic is made worse by the fact that people are stuck at home with nothing interesting to do, which makes their sex drive go up. He gives some rules so that people can make sure they’re having safe, fun sex.

Surprisingly, his rules for a sexual partner are the same as Hee- Jae’s, since they both talk about the importance of cleanliness, birth control, protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancy, communication, and paying attention to how you look and talk.

Hee-Jae wonders if there’s anyone who fits all of these descriptions. She didn’t know that In-chan was talking about all of these things right across the room from her. Mi-na and Hee-Jae stop their podcast when Mi-na and Ms. Sim’s secretary decide that Hee-Jae should carry the props back to the office. Hee-Jae stands up during the seminar to hear what In-chan has to say, and she is impressed by what she hears.

Mi-na gets to the restaurant with her papers, where Woo-Jae is waiting for her with his own papers. While the biker gets Mi-na a drink, they talk for a while. Woo-Jae says that anal sex is a must for him, while Mi-na says that cunnilingus is a must for her. Mi-na is surprised by the request, but she says she’d be willing to try it after getting checked out by her doctor.

Mi-na and Woo-Jae Goes for Outing

The two agree to go out on a date, but Woo-Jae says he will have to cancel or leave quickly if something comes up. Mi-na asks Woo-Jae what he does for a living, and the biker says he’d like to get to know her better too. As Mi-na drinks the alcohol from his cup sensually and asks to go to a room upstairs, the tension rises.

Inside the room, they start kissing passionately, and Woo-Jae wipes Mi-lipstick na’s off her lips, which shocks her. She asks to use the bathroom to clean up, but as Mi-na tries to get a grip on herself after the intense make-out session, she loses her cool in the bathroom.

On the other hand, Hee-Jae is looking through her phone when Hyun-woo starts sending her multiple texts asking her to take him back. She goes to her usual restaurant and sees In-chan there, all by himself, celebrating the success of the seminar. The owner of the restaurant knows In-chan, and Hee-Jae orders the same drink as In-chan to try something different.

Fanta G Spot Episode 4 Recap and Review

After just one sip, Hee-Jae knows she doesn’t like single-malt whisky. She asks for her usual Soju, which she drinks by herself. Hee-Jae makes a toast to In-chan, but then he notices that it’s started to rain. At the same time, Woo-Jae gets an SOS call telling him to hurry over. Woo-Jae leaves while Mi-na is still in the bathroom. He writes her a note to tell her he had to leave quickly.

He says they’ll meet up soon, but when Mi-na reads the note after coming out of the bathroom, she feels let down or like she’s been stood up. Hee-Jae is getting drunker and drunker, so she tells In-chan about her problems with men, especially her ex-boyfriend Hyun-woo. She says that men are selfish about food, sex, and dates. She says that men don’t really feel bad about their mistakes until it’s too late.

Hee-Jae says that all men are actually the same, but In-chan says that he is not the type to dominate his partner. They start drinking together and mixing drinks, which makes them too drunk, too soon. Hee-Jae wants to see if In-chan is the kind of guy who uses the word “sex” or says “make love” like all of her previous boyfriends.

Hee-Jae asks In-chan what his face looks like when he has an orgasm. This makes In-chan pass. In-chan doesn’t know what to say because she doesn’t know how to answer her. Hee-Jae says that they should both check to be sure, so they both go to Hee-apartment Jae’s to hook up. Hee-Jae and In-chan end the episode by making out with their tongues on her couch.

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Review of Fanta G Spot Episode 4

This episode was very sexy, and I don’t understand how Coupang Play let it air in South Korea, which is a very conservative country. Some South Korean media have talked about sex, but I’m glad this show is taking into account the different things men and women need to think about when it comes to sex.

Both couples are at different points in their relationships. On one hand, I think Mi-na will stop talking to Woo-Jae because he ditched her after the kiss, which made her feel attracted to him. On the other hand, I’m sure In-chan and Hee-Jae will soon regret what they did when they were drunk, so that tension can build up between them over the next six episodes. I’m looking forward to the Friday after that!

Final Words

Hee-Jae wakes up a single woman who had been drunk the night before. Mi-na is shocked and proud of how much the woman has changed. In-chan would hold a seminar for people who read his books at the same time as the book festival. They ask the audience what they think about “friends with benefits”. After the live stream, everyone rushes to see In-Chan at his sex seminar.

The girls are left behind. Mi-na agrees to go out with him but loses her cool in the bathroom after the intense make-out session. Hyun-woo starts sending her multiple texts asking her to take him back. Hee-Jae asks In-chan what his face looks like when he has an orgasm. They both go to Hee-apartment Jae’s to hook up. I don’t understand how Coupang Play let it air in South Korea, which is a very conservative country.

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