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House of the Dragon Episode 10 Ending Explanation and Review

In Episode 10 of House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra finds Luke looking at a map of Westeros. This is the first scene of the finale. He doesn’t want the Sea Snake to die, and he doesn’t think Driftmark should go to him either. Rhaenyra says that she had to learn the hard way that you have to be patient and accept your fate. But she is stopped when she hears that Rhaenys is coming.

Rhaenys comes in and says right away that Viserys is dead. She then says that Aegon has been crowned as the new king. Daemon is very angry, and he blames Rhaenys for not setting fire to all of them. Rhaenys bites back, though, and says that she didn’t start this war.

How Does Daemon Ready Himself?

“Rhaenyra, the Greens are coming to get you. You should leave right away.” She asks. Rhaenyra is actually in labor, so that won’t be possible.

House of the Dragon Episode 10 Ending Explained and Review

Daemon, meanwhile, puts soldiers around the perimeter and tries to make it look like they are stronger than they really are. Time is running out, so Rhaenyra brings Jace and Luke to her and tells them everything that has happened.

Jace goes up to Daemon while he’s talking about strategies because he knows he’s the real successor. Jace has other ideas than Daemon’s plan to fly to Rivermark to show Lord Tully’s support. He says Rhaenyra doesn’t want anything to happen… Daemon doesn’t care, though.

Does Rhaenyra’s Newborn Child Live?

Rhaenyra gives birth, but the baby dies soon after it is born. It’s horrible to see and a sad way for Rhaenyra to welcome her new child into the world. Daemon gets glimpses of what happened and goes to the beach to cry before setting the baby on fire with dragon fire.

In response, Ser Erryk comes and swears allegiance to Rhaenyra, who has her own crown and people with her. Even though this isn’t as strong as Alicent and Aegon’s full control of King’s Landing, it’s at least a start.

In the middle of Dragonstone, with a cool orange light shining on the map, Daemon tells them what numbers their side has. They have 30 knights, 100 people with crossbows, and 300 people who can fight. When it comes to defense, it’s not a bad number, but when it comes to taking over? Well, that won’t hurt King’s Landing at all.

Rhaenyra’s Response to Otto Hightower’s Proposal

Even though ravens have been sent to all parts of Westeros, their dragons are more important than their men. Daemon says it’s 13 to 4, and that’s not even taking into account the wild dragons they could tame to tip the odds in their favor.

Before they can move on, a ship with Alicent’s banner arrives at Dragonstone. Otto Hightower is his name. He is stopped by Daemon, and just like earlier in the season, a dragon breaks up their fight on the battlements.

As the two sides talk, Rhaenyra throws the pin for the Hand of the King off the edge of the battlements and calls Otto a traitor. This ends the conversation. But he is taking a page from Alicent’s book and trying to change her mind by talking about the love they once had. Rhaenyra decides to think about Otto’s terms for peace, which include having her own sons carry the cups. She tells Otto that King’s Landing will know what to do the next day.

Does Luke Survive?

Lord Borros makes fun of the lineage while he watches from afar, and there is an uncomfortable tension in the air. Luke has come with a simple reminder, while Aegon has brought a marriage contract to seal the deal.

“Pup, go home.” He says that he’s sorry, but he can’t leave. Aemond doesn’t want to fight the boy, but he throws a knife at him and told Luke to give up his eye. Thanks to Lord Borros, this doesn’t turn into a full-scale massacre, which makes Luke rush out to his dragon.

Everything falls apart in the sky. Luke is being followed by Aemond and his dragon, which is tiny compared to Luke’s. Now, Aemond just wants to make fun of the boy, but Arrax’s Dragonfire makes him lose control of his dragon. Everything gets out of hand, and both Luke and his dragon die in the end.

Daemon goes back to Dragonstone, and Rhaenyra’s angry face shows that she knows what happened.

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Does Rhaenyra Gain Corlys’ Support?

House of the Dragon Episode 10 Ending Explained and Review

Rhaenyra carefully considers her options and stays calm even though everyone else wants war. Lord Corlys likes this, and he and Rhaenys come back a little while later to find Daemon missing from the room. Corlys says that both his house and his fleet are behind Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra isn’t going to war just yet, so she decides to wait it out.

Corlys says that he has full control over the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea. This means they can control how many people and goods come into King’s Landing. On top of that, they could also attack the Red Keep and force the Greens to give up.

Rhaenyra needs to find out who her allies are so she can do all of this. This means she needs to send messages to Winterfell, Eyrie, and Storm’s End. Jace and Luke decided that they should go with their dragons instead of ravens because it will be much more convincing. As the dragons fly to Westeros, the music from Game of Thrones, specifically Ramin Djawadi’s Targaryen theme, starts up. This is because her two sons are no longer together and all the parts are in place to start this huge war machine.

Luke gets to Storm’s End as Daemon comes to tame a wild dragon. Sadly, a much bigger dragon is waiting for them in the wings. We know whose dragon that is, of course. Aemond is inside the royal chamber, which is a bad thing.

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Review of Episode 10

House of the Dragon ends on a high note, with a great dragon battle and everything falling into place for the upcoming war. Like the first season of Game of Thrones, this is all about setting the scene and getting ready for what’s to come. It’s nice to find a show like this that doesn’t just try to cram in action scenes to keep people interested (looking at you, Rings of Power.)

The fight for this realm is about to get a lot messier, and Luke’s death is likely to be the point where things go from being peaceful to being all-out bloody war. Westeros is headed for a day of reckoning, and you can tell that will come up nicely in season 2.

This finale is a great example of how good TV should look. The story has strong characters, an interesting premise, and a political plot that doesn’t talk down to the audience. House of the Dragon has been one of the biggest surprises of the year, even though it’s not perfect.