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Hong Seok Cheon Parents Reacted to Him Being Gay When Did He End His Relationship With His Boyfriend?

He came out in 2000 when LGBT awareness in Korea was even lower.

A singer named Wax and Hong Seok Cheon were guests on a recent episode of Do You Eat? He talked about the time he told his parents he was gay.

Hong Seok Cheon, who came out of the closet in 2000, talked about what made him decide to do something hard.

“I did it so that I could confidently love someone that understood me and live an honest and honorable life.”

– Hong Seok Cheon

But the answer was cold, which made him think that there was something wrong with him.

“I wondered if I was born wrong.”

– Hong Seok Cheon

Hong Seok Cheon said that his parents found out about it from the TV.

“3 years before I came out, I told my sister, and she begged me to keep it a secret from our parents. She said, ‘Let’s keep it a secret until they pass away.’ But I felt like dying, so I ended up telling.”

– Hong Seok Cheon

But when his parents found out, they suggested that they all take pesticides and kill themselves together.

“My parents said we should take pesticides together and die. They’re people of the countryside. They wanted to move. But now, they’re more understanding.”

– Hong Seok Cheon

Hong Seok Cheon also said that didn’t mean they had given up on him finding a girlfriend.

“I guess they haven’t lost hope yet, because every time I bring over Wax (Hong Seok Cheon’s close friend), they talk about marriage.”

– Hong Seok Cheon

Even though Korea is still pretty conservative, it was even harder to find information about sexual orientation in 2000 when Hong Seok Cheon came out.

He is now a successful celebrity who speaks for the gay community in Korea. This has opened the door for more diversity in the entertainment business.

When Did Hong Seok Cheon End His Relationship With His Boyfriend?

Hong Seok Cheon and his same-s*x partner broke up.

Hong Seok Cheon said in an interview that he and his boyfriend, who was in his 20s, had broken up. The statement comes after he admitted in March that he was seeing someone. So, they broke up only three months after their relationship became public.

Hong Seok Cheon said that the nosy netizens were the reason he broke up with his partner. “We broke up because people on the Internet kept digging up information about him. “He didn’t want to be a problem,” he said. “I don’t think I will ever be able to date someone in public.”

A person close to Hong Seok Cheon said that the TV star’s lover didn’t want the public to know that he was gay.

When people on the Internet tried to find out who Hong Seok Cheon’s boyfriend is, both of them felt pressured to say, so they broke up. “I heard that Hong Seok Cheon first suggested that they break up because of [the lover],” the source said. At the moment, they are just close friends.”

Hong Seok Cheon told the host of a general service channel variety show, “I have a boyfriend in his 20s,” when asked if he was seeing anyone.

He said about their dates, “We usually date at home or in restaurants, and sometimes we go on trips overseas.” He then added, “It’s fine with me, but I’m trying to be careful because he doesn’t want his name to get out.”