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Is Wang Lee Hom Gay? What is His Statement on This Topic?

Wang Leehom, an American singer, songwriter, actor, film producer, film director, musician, and composer, is said to be bisexual by his wife. According to the claims, the famous actor is not interested in the other sex. But the famous person with many talents has said that he is not a homosexual. Since then, many people on social media have questioned the celebrity’s sexuality because of what he said. Several Netizens have posted about Wang Leehom and said bad things about him.

On the other hand, some people think that the celebrity in question is bisexual. His wife told him that the singer had married her to figure out who he was, and that he had once been caught with a piano player in a way that surprised his wife. The singer says his wife is making him feel bad on social media. On top of being bullied on social media, the singer has also said that his wife has lied about him.

Wang Lee Hom Gay Or Bisexual?

Leehom Wang

Lee Jinglei said that she was an important part of the singer’s life. She decided to leave her husband because she was tired of her life with the famous person. Earlier, there was a video that went viral that said Wang was hiding his relationships with many men and women and treating his wife like a machine for making kids. The singer’s wife accused him of cheating on her more than once. So, the famous singer sued his wife for verbally abusing him on social media and making him suffer.

Wang Lee’s Married Life

He probably started going out with Lee Jinglei when he was 16 years old. After going out with her for 10 years, he married her on November 27, 2013. In 2014, 2016, and 2018, they were blessed with three children. But in December 2021, this perfect couple said they were breaking up. Since the separation was announced, there have been a number of accusations. Lee Jinglei has said that her husband is bisexual and that he has had sexual relationships with both men and women without her permission.

Who is Jinglei Lee?

She was married to the famous American actor Wang Leehoo. The fourteenth of April, 1986, is her birthday. Her age is specified as 35. In 2013, she finally settled down with a spouse. Ex-10-year couple’s age gap means her husband is 45 years old. In 2014, 2016, and 2018, she had three babies. As far as she was concerned, her spouse was unfaithful.

Did Wang Leehom Also Cheat on Guys?

Is Wang Leehom no longer seen as a decent human being? As a result of soon-to-be-ex-wife Lee Jing Lei’s revelation that he had been caught cheating on her numerous times over the years, conversations regarding his s*xuality have resurfaced.

She said that before and after their marriage, Leehom cheated on her with both men and women. Is he gay, then? Is he gay and has been hiding it from Jing Lei for all these years?

Wang Leehom: “I’m Not Gay!”

Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom is tired of all the rumors about his s*xuality, so he has decided to set the record straight once and for all.


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Asianpopnews said that the American-born singer updated his Weibo on January 3, writing, “I didn’t want to write this post at first because it’s just silly! But because there have been so many news stories, I’ve decided to talk about this so I don’t mislead other people.”

Leehom went on, “I like men and women, and so does Yundi. What is Homdi, then? Maybe it’s just a joke or something funny in the news.”

“I hope everyone can tell the difference between the truth and nonsense. I’m sorry, but I tell it like it is. When it comes to news about me, I still want to know the truth “the singer stopped singing.

People first thought that the two best friends were dating when they were seen holding hands in a group photo with A-Mei last year. Leehom was also seen spending Thanksgiving with the pianist’s family, which led to more rumors about how close they were.

After they worked together on the CCTV New Year’s Gala in 2012, Leehom and Li Yundi became close friends. Later, they sang Leehom’s song “Falling Leaves Return to Roots” together at concerts in Beijing in April and Hong Kong in September of last year.

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Finally, Leehom Wang Requests an End to Gay Rumors

Leehom Wang, who is the king of Taiwanese pop, has always been very careful about how he presents himself as an idol. In his 25-year career, there haven’t been many love rumors, but one kept going even after he married Lee Jinglei. At one point, Leehom and pianist Li Yundi were so close that many people thought they were gay lovers.

Leehom and Yundi are both musicians. At concerts, Yundi plays the piano. They’ve stayed close friends over the years, which some people think is too close. In 2012, they began going out together. Fans didn’t hesitate to talk about how close they were, and rumors about Leehom being gay spread, fooling even people who worked in the industry. There was a rumor that Leehom and the magician Louis Liu had fought, but this was never proven.

Leehom has said more than once that he is not gay, but the rumors about him kept going around. Soon after Leehom told everyone that he was getting married to Lee Jinglei, Li Yundi confirmed that he also had a girlfriend. This led to more rumors that the lovers didn’t care about their wives and treated them like “beards.”

Leehom stopped talking about the rumor and tried to stay out of the conversation because he wanted to stay out of the spotlight. Leehom decided today, eight years after the rumors started, that it was time to put an end to them.

In his legal statement, he talked about how upset he was that old, false rumors were being spread again on the Internet and that the “Hongdi Love” was one of them. He said that people who put false information about him on the Internet would be taken to court.