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Is Yuzuru Hanyu a Gay and What He Disclose About That?

Yuzuru Hanyu didn’t win a third straight gold medal, which would have been a first, but he’s already a great figure skater. Hanyu looked tired after his last performance. The 27-year-old skater might not be back on the ice for a while. The world championships will be held in late March 2022, and Hanyu is not likely to take part.

Hanyu said, “I need to fix my ankle, which helped me a lot.” “I need to give my body a break, think about a lot of things, and then decide what to do.”

In recent years, the idea that all figure skaters are gay has become less common. Only a small number of people still believe this.

Yuzuru Hanyu Has Not Yet Disclosed His Sexuality

Is Yuzuru Hanyu a Gay

Yuzuru Hanyu has not yet come out as gay. He’s happy to talk about sports, but he never talks about himself.

People used to think that male figure skaters were gay for a long time. This wrong idea was spread by the skaters’ clothes, their love of makeup, and their skill on the ice.

Johnny Weir, a former gay U.S. Olympian, told Grazia, “Even if you’re not gay and you’re a figure skater, you’re always called gay or made fun of for being a figure skater.” “I’ve been in the sport long enough and know enough straight people in the sport to know that being told you’re something you’re not and made fun of for something you’re not is very hard on your mind.”

The way people see skaters has an effect on them and has led to the loss of life. Jamie Hubley, a Canadian figure skater who was openly gay, killed himself after being bullied over his s*xuality.

This false idea is less common now than it was a few years ago, which is good.

Since Yuzuru Began Competing, the Proportion of Gay Figure Skaters Has Increased

When Yuzuru went to his first Olympics in 2014, there were no gay male skaters in his event. In 2022, there were eight gay men who skated, which was a good sign of progress.

Is Yuzuru Hanyu a Gay

The world has become more accepting of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer athletes, making it easier for them to talk about their sexuality. Also, there is a financial reason for them to come out. Chad Conley, a coach from Canada, said to OutSports:

“It’s easier than it was even 15 years ago for skaters to get postseason contracts with “Stars on Ice” and more commercial sponsorships if they are open about being gay. This is thought to be a recent change.”

Russia, on the other hand, is a big problem for the LGBTQ+ community. Coaches from a country that has a history of being homophobic rarely hide their dislike for LGBTQ+ athletes.

Alexander Vedenin, who used to be an international judge, said that gay athlete Guillaume Cizeron’s performances were “cold.” “Don’t let stupid people tell you how much of a man or woman you are,” Cizeron replied on Instagram.

Coach Conley thinks that people like Alexander should be punished by the authorities. “Our sport won’t be completely safe until the right punishments are put in place when regulated officials like coaches and judges say disrespectful things,” Conley said.

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Yuzuru Hanyu is Not a Gay

Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu is not gay. When a Japanese actor asked Hanya about his sexuality, he said he was straight.

Hanya has been quiet about the subject of his love life, it seems. As far as we know, Hanya is not married and does not have a wife yet. In the same way, there is no news like that about his girlfriend either.

Hanya may have a special someone in his heart, but he doesn’t like people to know about it. We can probably assume that Hanya is having a great time on his own.