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5 Life Lessons Taught By K-Drama Teachers

Sometimes, K-dramas have the best ideas. When it comes to teachers of K-drama, they have the power to inspire both their students and people all over the world. Whether the people who write K-dramas know it or not, the teachers in their shows teach us all important lessons about life. Let’s remember some of these famous teachers and take a trip down memory lane.

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Kang Shin Woo: “My First Love”

This teacher is a great example for himself to follow. In the movie “My First Love,” Kang Shin Woo (Lee Jung Shin) goes back in time to his high school years and tells his younger self to be brave. Kang Shin Woo, played by Seo Ji Hoon, thinks that the adult version of himself is both his love rival and his life guide.

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“My First Love” is a Korean drama about a man who is sad that he missed out on his first love. He gets another chance to change the past by going back in time. Kang Shin Woo shows us that we should be brave in everything we do. As long as you don’t hurt anyone, it’s a good idea to be brave.

Sim Kang Myung: “School 2017”

Han Joo Wan’s character, Teacher Sim Kang Myung, fights for his students. When one of his students is accused of doing something wrong, he stands up for them and helps them as a trusted friend. When he saw two girls fighting, he was kind and determined to find out why they were fighting.

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“School 2017” is part of the popular “School” series. It is about a rebellious student who pulls pranks on the school’s administration team. The school is determined to find out who did it. Sim Kang Myung shows us that we should all work for justice and never forget to be kind.

Lee Kang Hoon: “School 2021”

He is one of the most liked teachers in the “School” series. Teacher Lee Kang Hoon (Jeon Suk Ho) leads his woodworking class with honesty and honor. Even though his class might be cut, he is a good teacher and helps his students focus on their strengths.

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He loves every one of his students the same. “School 2021” is the next book in the popular “School” series. It is about students at a vocational high school who learn both academic and life skills. Lee Kang Hoon shows us all how to be our best selves no matter what.

Kim Joon Seok: “Who Are You”

Teacher Kim Joon Seok, played by Lee Pil Mo, is a teacher and a detective in his own right. He tries his best to keep his students safe and even looks for one who went missing on a school trip. But it hurts him a lot that one of his students died.

He works hard to make his students feel better, to find out why she died, and to give her family the apology and condolences they deserve. “Who Are You” is another K-drama that continues the popular “School” series.

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It is about orphaned twins who are separated when they are young and start living very different lives. A terrible event lets someone take on the identity of her sister. Kim Joon Seok showed us all that it’s never too late to do the right thing.

Yang Jin Man: “Dream High” and “Dream High 2”

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This teacher gives himself and his students positive feedback. Yang Jin Man, played by Park Jin Young, is sad that his school isn’t as well-known as it used to be. When a new group of students comes in, they give him the motivation to keep teaching, and he helps them follow their dreams. Yang Jin Man makes musicians, dancers, and other artists.

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“Dream High” is about teen idols and aspiring musicians who go to a school for the performing arts. Yang Jin Man shows us all that you can make your dreams come true if you find one that fits your unique skills.