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One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Review: Why Was One Dollar Lawyer Cut Short?

In the Disney+ show, Namgoong Min plays the flashy and strange lawyer Cheon Ji-hoon, who takes cases for a dollar and wins them.

We learn about his past, why he is so strange, and how he feels about Lee Joo-young, who is played by Lee Chung-ah.

One Dollar Lawyer is streaming on Disney+.

Cheon Ji-hoon, who is played by Namgoong Min, is the kind of lead character we see a lot in K-dramas. He is an attorney who is very sure of himself, thinks he can fix any problem with magic and doesn’t care about money because he already has a lot of it. He also wears flashy clothes and has a strange way of living.

His personal habits, like always wearing sunglasses, having a shabby lawyer’s office, and being very fond of black bean noodles, at first seem like he’s trying too hard to be different and stand out.

It’s to the show’s credit that we eventually figure out that the One Dollar Lawyer isn’t completely crazy. As the show takes a long trip back in time during the middle of the season, we learn all about Ji-past hoon as a prosecutor and, most importantly, what happened to his personal connections and how this shaped his persona as the One Dollar Lawyer.

One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Review

Ji-hoon was at his best as a prosecutor five years before the show’s events. He worked with Na Hye-jin (Gong Min-jung) and Seo Min-hyuk (Choi Dae-hoon).

Even back then, he stood out for being confident and not following the rules. But he was a lot more serious and dry, wore dull black suits, and didn’t have the wavy hair we’re used to seeing on him.
In one case, he went up against the slick CEO Choi Ki-Tae (Yoon Na-moo). One bad thing this business tycoon did was force a worker to kill himself to cover up his own wrongdoing. Ji-hoon stops the underlying right before he uses the noose he’s made for himself, thinking ahead to the clients he will save from hurting themselves in the future.

Ji-hoon is also led by the case to a slush fund, and as he moves up the ladder, he finds something shocking and upsetting to him personally. His own father, assemblyman Kim Yoon-sub (Nam Myung-Ryul), is on the take. Kim Yoon-sub is going through confirmation trials to become South Korea’s prime minister.

Ji-hoon decides to put his personal ties aside and keep going with the investigation. His father decides to jump off the roof of the Prosecutor’s Office because he has nowhere else to go.

During this case, Ji-hoon meets Ki-lawyer tae’s for the first time. His name is Lee Joo-young (Lee Chung-ah), and he works at the Baek Law Firm, which is run by the grandfather of Ji-current hoon’s legal partner, Baek Ma-Ri (Kim Ji-Eun).
Even though they are on opposite sides of the issue, Joo-young is forced to represent a criminal and secretly wants Ji-hoon to win the case.
After his father died, Ji-hoon slowly starts to see how kind and caring Joo-young is. Since then, Joo-young has left Baek and set up a One Dollar Lawyer office in the cheap neighborhood office we already know. Ji-hoon will soon asks her to marry him.

When Joo-young is leaving the Baek Law Firm for the last time, she picks up the wrong file by accident. This is another cruel turn of events. The document has sensitive information about the shadow figure who was above Ji-father hoon and the slush fund. Ji-hoon finds her dead in a subway car before she could tell him what happened.
Ji-deep hoon’s sadness causes him to quit his job as a prosecutor and take over where Joo-young left off with her new One Dollar Lawyer business. In a touching turn of events, he also starts to wear sunglasses to hide the fact that he always has tears in his eyes.

One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Review
The black bean noodles are a way for him to remember his father. As a child, when his father was busy, which was often, his mother would bring him black bean noodles. Only once, right before his father died, did he get to eat the dish with him.

Black bean noodles are a cheap meal that both kids and adults alike. They remind a lot of people in Korea of their childhood and are often talked about in local media.
The use of the dish in One Dollar Lawyer makes me think of the cult black comedy Castaway on the Moon, which is about a suicidal salaryman who gets stuck on an island in the middle of Seoul’s Han River and craves black bean noodles to connect to his past.
This similarity is shown in the very last scene of the show when Ji-hoon goes to the same island seen in that movie to visit a man who tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge and washed up on that island.

This ending is also a nice reminder of how we first met this strange lawyer in the first episode when he saved another suicidal debtor on a bridge.
Even though Ji-hoon is a saint to his poor clients, the show sometimes makes it seem like the poor need help from the rich.
Ji-hoon and Ma-Ri have access to a lot of family money. At one point, Ji-hoon buys a painting for 2 billion won as proof, and they help their poor and trusting office manager, Sa Mu-Jang, more than once (Park Jin-woo).

Aside from that small problem, One Dollar Lawyer is a fun ride with a well-written emotional backstory that gives the main character more depth.

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Is It Worth Watching One Dollar Lawyer?

Every episode has a surprise and fun around every corner. At first, the plot seems simple, but as the play goes on, you’ll see that there’s more to it than meets the eye. “One Dollar Lawyer” is a fun movie to watch that leaves you wanting more.

Is There a Romance in One Dollar Lawyer?

In the SBS show “One Dollar Lawyer,” Namgoong Min and Lee Chung Ah will fall in love. Namgoong Min plays Cheon Ji Hoon, a lawyer who is well-known but only charges 1,000 won (about $0.72) for his services in “One Dollar Lawyer.”

Why Was One Dollar Lawyer Cut Short?

On November 9, the news outlet Newsen said, “It has been found that the fight between the production company Studio S and the writer is the reason why ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ had so many episodes canceled and ended so soon.

Final Words

One Dollar Lawyer is streaming on Disney+. Namgoong Min plays Cheon Ji-hoon, an attorney who takes cases for a dollar and wins them. The show takes a trip back in time to find out more about his past as a prosecutor. The story follows Ji-hoon, a prosecutor who’s father jumped off the roof of the Prosecutor’s Office because he had nowhere else to go. He meets Ki-lawyer Tae’s Lee Joo-young (Lee Chung-ah) for the first time after his father’s death.

“One Dollar Lawyer” is a fun ride with a well-written emotional backstory. Every episode has a surprise and fun around every corner. Namgoong Min plays Cheon Ji Hoon, a lawyer who only charges 1,000 won (about $0.72) for his services.