Release Date of Behind Every Star Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8 and Recap of Episode 6

Release Date of Behind Every Star Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8

We talk about what we think will happen in Behind Every Star season 1, episodes 7 and 8. We also talk about when they will come out and where you can watch them online.

In the last few seconds of the last Behind Every Star episode, Je-in (Kwak Sun-young) went back to the office, upset about everything that had happened with Sang-Uk. The agent wanted her partner (or ex-partner, depending on how you look at the situation) to teach her how to love right, and she was sure she would change. But Sang-Uk was too hurt to care, and he was glad to see the woman he likes go. Still, he seemed to be in the office when she got there, so there may still be hope for the two of them.

Also, it was confirmed that Hyun-Joo is Director Ma’s daughter. This came at a time when the Method Entertainment veteran’s wife thought he might be having an affair with the new agent. After the secret came out, Eun-ha kicked Tae-oh out of the house because she found out that he cheated on her while she was pregnant. Everyone is upset about what happened, including Eun-Gyul, who has told his sister that he needs some time to think about what happened.

Behind Every Star Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8 Airtime and Date

Release Date of Behind Every Star Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8

Behind Every Star Season 7 Episode 7 is set to come out on Netflix on Monday, November 28, 2022, at 3:00 pm (GMT), but this can change. We don’t think the plan will change just yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.). The next day, November 29, 2022, at the same time, Behind Every Star season 1, episode 8 will air. Each episode usually lasts between 60 and 65 minutes.

Where to Watch Online Behind Every Star Season 1

With a Netflix subscription, anyone in the world can watch Behind Every Star episodes 7 and 8 at the above date and time. South Koreans can watch the episode on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 22:30, which is also when it is available on Netflix.

Does Behind Every Star Have a Trailer?

Yes, there is! Below is a trailer for Season 1 of Behind Every Star:

Behind Every Star Recap of Season 1, Episode 6

We start with Je-in answering a question about how an agent’s job is like that of a crocodile trainer. Then we see how the rehearsals for a play in which her clients are involved get out of hand.

Next, Eun-ha goes to see Hyun-Joo, which shows how often the new agent’s father, Director Ma, visited her as a child. At first, it happened once a year, but once high school started, it happened less often. Hyun-Joo says she’s sorry, even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

In the next part, Eun-ha goes home to kick Director Ma out because he cheated on her while she was pregnant. Here, we also see how sad Eun-Gyul has become because of all that has happened.

Release Date of Behind Every Star Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8

Kim Soo-Ro tells Je-in that he needs changes made to the play he’s in because he has a secret fear of water. At the same time, Jung-don dances into the office to tell Hee-sun that she will be auditioning for director Jang Sin-ae’s next project as a hip-hop dancer who has lived abroad. Eun-soo also lets her curiosity get the best of her when she and Jin-Hyeok try to guess what’s in Director Ma’s bag.

Je-in seems to have found a way to convince Kim Ho-young to let Soo-Ro adapt his play, pointing out that the new director can’t afford to lose an actor so close to the premiere. When Director Ma comes around to ask for an envelope, Eun-soo is just about able to hide the underwear she took from him. Later, Hyun-Joo gives her father the clothes she had taken and tells him she is going to look for a new job.

After seeing Hee-sun get ready for her audition in a strange way, we jumped to the next day. Here, Soo-Ro and Ho-young fight again about their different ideas for the swimming pool scene, but things get much worse. When pushed, the first one gets thrown into the water for a short time, while the second one hits his head on the ground. So, Je-in has a huge mess to clean up, and she is also being threatened with lawsuits because of the dramatic scenes.

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When Hyun-Joo says that she thinks Soo-Ro should drop out, Je-in tells her to “take with a grain of salt” what Director Ma says about putting the company first. Then, the new agent is sent to deliver something to Eun-Ryul, which gives the two siblings a chance to talk about how the actor needs time to deal with the situation.

Je-in goes to Soo-Ro’s house and tells a lie, saying that Ho-young is sorry for how the actor was treated and wants to get things back on track for the play. Then she does the same thing to the director, hoping that he will also say sorry. To finish the plan, Je-in puts on a play for Ho-young, takes his phone when he leaves, and sends a text message to the star of the play to tell him that an apology will be made in person.

The Conclusion of Behind Every Star Season 1, Episode 6

Director Ma tells his coworkers that he will make sure Method lives during a drunken karaoke session. In the meantime, Je-in drinks alone to forget her troubles while she looks at all the texts she has sent to Sang-Uk that he hasn’t answered. After looking at sadness some more, the episode ends with Je-in going back to the office, where she thinks she’s found Sang-Uk.

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