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Release Date of The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate Episode 11: Which Are the Best Korean Dramas of Song Joong?

Soon, you’ll be able to watch the eleventh episode of The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate. Here is everything you need to know about the show before we tell you when and where it will be.

In 2022, Jung Dae Yoon will direct the South Korean drama “Reborn Rich.” This drama was based on the same-titled webcomic by San Gyung. Yoon Hyun Woo works diligently and follows the instructions of the Jin family, who owns the prosperous Soonyang Group conglomerate. But one day, his family turns on him and accuses him of stealing money. Soon after, he passes away, but when Jin Do Joon, the youngest family member, awakens, he “resurrects” himself.

When he discovers what has occurred, he tries to exact revenge. He devises a scheme to eliminate Jin Yang Chul, the cruel and avaricious CEO of the Soonyang Group. Yoon Hyun Wo intends to exploit his new “identity” to seize control of the organization and exact revenge on those who killed him. What part will “Soonyang Group Grim Reaper” Seo Min Young, a tenacious public defender, and anti-corruption investigator, play in this?

Release Date of Episode 11 of The Youngest Son Of A Conglomerate

The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate Episode 11

The eleventh episode of The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate will premiere at 10:30 p.m. KST on December 11, 2022. It is anticipated that Episode 11 would be approximately 1 hour and seven minutes long, which is roughly the typical length of a K-drama. Individuals from many nations can view the Programme based on their local time. Watch the international streaming channel when the next episode becomes available.

The Cast Who Played in “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate”

The main characters are played by Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun-woo/Jin Do-Joon, Lee Sung Min as Jin Yang-Chul, and Shin Hyun Bin as Seo Min-young. Kim Jung-nan plays Son Jung-Dae, Jin Yang’s daughter-in-law and Cheol’s wife. Yoon Je Moon plays Jin Jeong-gi, the son of Jin Yang-eldest Cheol. Jin Seong-Joon is Jin Do-older Joon’s brother and the first-born son of the Sunyang family. Kim Nam-hee plays him.

Where to Watch Episode 11 of The Youngest Son Of A Conglomerate?

The Youngest Son Of A Conglomerate can be watched by anyone in the world on Viki. But the first episode will be shown on the JTBC Network in Korea. Some places will also be able to stream it on TVING and Viu. English subtitles should be available on Viki. Only two episodes are available to watch for free. To see each episode, you have to sign up for Premium. If you can pay for the premium plan, you can stream the show on Viki.

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3 Korean Dramas Starring Song Joong Ki That Demonstrate His Versatility

The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate Episode 11

“Descendants of the Sun”

“Descendants of the Sun” is still one of many people’s all-time favorite movies. This is mostly because Song Joong Ki played Captain Yoo Shi Jin, also known as “Big Boss,” the leader of the special task team Alpha. Yoo Shi Jin is the coolest person in the world. He is a rebellious, quick-thinking, and brave soldier with a strong bro code. He is a strong opponent and a true friend. Plus, the relationship between Yoo Shi Jin and Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) is one of the best. If the boys aren’t willing to take the fall for each other, they can play pranks and use their wit and charm to get out of trouble.


Vincenzo is played by Song Joong Ki, who embraces being a bad guy with style. He is a skilled manipulator who can use anyone as a pawn in his plans. But things don’t always go as planned, and he becomes a vigilante for a group of tenants led by lawyer Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been), bringing down a corrupt company led by the dangerous and psychotic Jang Joon Woo.

 “The Innocent Man”

Kang Ma Ru (Song Joong Ki), a smart and easygoing medical intern, takes the blame for his girlfriend Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon) in a situation that turns his life upside down. Ma Ru is living a life of self-destruction as a gigolo bartender and con artist after the woman he loved betrayed him and his dreams were crushed. But when he meets Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), who knows Jae Hee and has a connection to her, Ma Ru finds the perfect way to get back at his ex-girlfriend.

Song Joong Ki’s emotional performance in “The Innocent Man” stops you in your tracks. He shows Kang Ma Ru’s many different sides and complexities. His eyes are the window into Ma Ru’s weakness and pain on the one hand, and his cold, emotionless gaze on the other. Even though some parts of “The Innocent Man” seem too long, Song Joong Ki’s performance as the troubled Kang Ma Ru is so good that you will feel his anger and heartbreak and root for him.