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She and Her Perfect Husband Episode 25 & 26 Release Date and Where to Watch

Here is when episodes 25 and 26 of She and Her Perfect Husband will come out. Before we say when and where the show will be, here is some information about what it will be about. The show started on November 14, 2022, and has a total of 40 episodes. It goes out every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Lawyer Qin Shi works hard at her job, but her parents want her to get married.

At the well-known law firm Cheng & Hui, being married is one of the requirements for hiring family law experts. Qin Shi’s second brother, Qin Wen Yu, changed her marital status to “married” and made her a fake spouse without her knowing. Qin Shi works for the company, but she doesn’t know anything about it.

She got praise from the artist Lao Jin for how well she performed. Lao Jin suggested that Qin Shi be the legal advisor for the Association of Women Entrepreneurs at a meeting with other people. At that point, Qin Shi just finds out that she is supposedly married.

Yang Hua, who is her “husband,” comes when Qin Shi decides to tell Lao Jin what’s going on. He has to meet Qin Shi’s enemy at a matchmaking session because his mother makes him. Because he doesn’t like how forceful his mother is, he teams up with Qin Shi to make money from the situation.

They get along right away, and they decide on the spot to apply to get married. But something doesn’t look right in the eyes of the parents. After Qin Shi’s ex-boyfriend joined the business out of the blue, she and Yang Hua started to fall in love as they worked through problems.

Release Date for Episodes 25 and 26 of She and Her perfect Husband

She and Her Perfect Husband Episode 25 & 26 Release Date

She and her ideal partner Both episodes 25 and 26 will be available on December 1, 2022, around 5 a.m. EST. The show can be seen by people around the world on the following date and time:

  • Central Standard Time: Thursday, 4 am, December 1
  • Eastern Standard Time: Thursday, 5 am, December 1
  • Central European Time: Thursday, 12 pm, December 1
  • Indian Standard Time: Thursday, 3:30 pm, December 1
  • Philippine Standard Time: Thursday, 6 pm, December 1
  • Pacific Standard Time: Thursday, 2 am, December 1
  • British Standard Time: Thursday, 11 am, December 1
  • Australia Central Standard Time: Thursday, 7:30 pm, December 1

Where to Watch She and Her Perfect Husband Episodes 25 and 26?

Tencent Video will show episodes 25 and 26 of She and Her Perfect Husband on December 1, 2022, at 5 a.m. EST. The show can be seen by people all over the world on We TV. The show will also be streamed on the popular site Viki. So write down the date and time and make a note to watch the show when it comes on.

The Cast Of She and Her Perfect Husband

Tang Jingmei plays Li Dai, Yang Mi plays Qin Shi, Xu Kai plays Yang Hua, Li Ze Feng plays Tao Jun Hui, and Wang Zi Xuan plays Wu Fei in the cast. Zhu Li wrote the script, while Lin Yan is the drama’s director.

She and Her perfect Husband: A Review

Yang Huaa tried to persuade her that if she wanted to be happy, she should control her wants and stop comparing her life to other people’s. Mom Yang gets mad and starts yelling at him. She thinks that people will start calling him “mentally disturbed.” Mom Yang has told him to go on a blind date with a different woman.

If he can’t get the woman to agree, his parents will tell him to leave. Qin Shee went back to her office at the Cheng & Hui Law Firm. Despite being small, her room was wonderful. It smelled like money and power. Qin Shi was the main lawyer at the law firm. With one more step, you’ll find a partner.

She and Her Perfect Husband Episode 25 & 26 Release Date

The founder of Cheng & Hui Law Firm, Tang Yi Hui, called her and asked about Wu Fei, a new employee in the company’s family division whose uncle was the interim director of the Lawyer Association. Wu Fei’s uncle was another lawyer.

Tang Yi Hui asked Qin Shi to tell Wu Fei directly what to do so that they could get along with Tang Yi Hui’s uncle. Tang Yi Hui told her that a partner position would soon be open because Qin Shi’s mentor, Bian Jing, was leaving the law firm. If Qin Shi wants to fill the open spot on the 11th level, she can also make a suggestion.

She was told ahead of time about Tang Yi Hui’s party. Qin Shi told her that her husband was already on his way to Slovakia for business, so he couldn’t go with her. He was still a mystery because Qin Shi’s husband rarely went to China and spent most of his time in other countries.

Tang Yi Hui didn’t see him very often. Hui told Qin Shi to be careful with her personal life before they hung up. She shouldn’t get pregnant or get a divorce without warning at such a crucial time. It was hard to find a good job at a good company, let alone one that paid well.

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Unspoken rules at Cheng & Hui Law Firm said that women who wanted to move up in their careers had to get married. Bian Jing told Tang Yi Hui on her first day of work that Qin Shee was already married and that her husband worked in the financial sector.

Tang Yi Hui introduces Qin Shi to Lan Xiao Ting, the leader of the Women Entrepreneurs Organization, at the 20th wedding anniversary party for Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng. Tang Yi Hui told her that she should talk to her because the company was looking for new defense advisors. But the group only helped women who were married. Women who were not married or had been divorced were not allowed.

Yang Hua also went to the event so that he could meet Li Dai, the blind date that his mother had set up for him. Tang Yi Hui was glad to see him. She took him to Qin Shi, who was surprised to see him and said his name was James Yang.

Yang Hua couldn’t help but feel nervous around a beautiful woman like Qin Shi. But when Qin Shi moved closer to kiss him in front of everyone, his nervousness turned into happiness. When everyone at the party went crazy over the kiss, Tang Yi Hui had to tell her not to go too far. Qin Shi had been pretending to be married the whole time so that she could be with Cheng and Hui. This was found out.