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She and Her Perfect Husband Episode 31 & 32 Release Date and Where to Watch

Below is a list of when episodes 31 and 32 of She and Her Perfect Husband will air. Before we tell you when and where the performance will be, here are some details about what it will be about. The first episode of the show came out on November 14, 2022, and there are 40 episodes in total. It airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Even though her parents want her to get married, lawyer Qin Shi is committed to her job. At the well-known law firm Cheng & Hui, one of the requirements for hiring family law lawyers is whether or not they are married. She didn’t know that Qin Wen Yu, the second brother of Qin Shi, had secretly changed her marital status to “married” and made a fake spouse for her. Qin Shi works for the company but doesn’t know anything about it.

Lao Jin, a well-known artist, told her she did a great job. During a meeting with coworkers, Lao Jin suggested that Qin Shi by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs lawyer. Just then, Qin Shi finds out that she is supposed to be married. Qin Shi’s “husband,” Yang Hua, shows up as soon as she decides to tell Lao Jin what’s going on.

His mother pushes him to talk to Qin Shi’s rival at an event to help people find a partner. Because he doesn’t like how controlling his mother is, he works with Qin Shi to take advantage of the situation. They get along right away, and over time, they decide to fill out an application to get married. But the parents notice something is wrong. After Qin Shi’s ex-boyfriend joined the company out of the blue, Qin Shi and Yang Hua started to fall in love as they solved different problems.

Release Date for She and Her Perfect Husband Episodes 31 and 32

She and Her Perfect Husband Episode 31 & 32 Release Date

The 31st and 32nd episodes of She and Her Perfect Husband are set to air at 5 a.m. EST on December 7, 2022. People in other countries will be able to watch the show at the following time and date:

  • Pacific Standard Time: Wednesday, 2 am, December 7
  • Central Standard Time: Wednesday, 4 am, December 7
  • Eastern Standard Time: Wednesday, 5 am, December 7
  • British Standard Time: Wednesday, 11 am, December 7
  • Philippine Standard Time: Wednesday, 6 pm, December 7
  • Australia Central Standard Time: Wednesday, 7:30 pm, December 7
  • Central European Time: Wednesday, 12 pm, December 7
  • Indian Standard Time: Wednesday, 3:30 pm, December 7

Where to Watch She and Her Perfect Husband Episodes 31 and 32?

The 31st and 32nd episodes of She and Her Perfect Husband will air on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at 5 a.m. EST. People can watch the show at the times and dates listed above. The 31st and 32nd episodes of She and Her Perfect Husband will be able to be streamed on We TV and Viki. People in other countries won’t have any trouble watching because the subtitles will be on the following channels.

What We Know About Season 1 So Far About She and Her Perfect Husband?

Qin Shi asked Yanghua what he thought about the idea that my mistake could be overlooked if I said something that was true for everyone. Mr. Wu found out what was going on with Mr. Lan. He told his daughter Wu Fei that these things were in charge of Tao Junhui. He found problems with them and asked Wu Fei to look at them on his own. After reminding him that it was impossible, Yanghua told Lao Zhou that the project Cai Liang had talked about was dangerous and could not be invested in.

She and Her Perfect Husband Episode 31 & 32 Release Date

In episode 26, we see that Yanghua ordered food to be delivered after finding out that Qin Shi had messed up the kitchen while cooking. Tang Yihui told Wu Fei that the only thing that shows how Tao Junhui feels about her is whether or not he is happy to sign the contract. Yanghua was fired because his boss told him off for his comments, which caused the bank to lose a client who dealt in black gold.

Ren Meimei and Qin Wenyu had to jump off the building because of their fight. Ren Meimei was about to jump, so Qin Shi hurried to get her to do it. Yang Hua was supposed to be fired yesterday by the head of the bank. So, he was very confused at his meeting with Yang Hua today. He Dongna, a famous person, went to the law firm, and Qin Shi was very confused by what they did. Even though He Dongna is well-known, the law firm does not charge high fees because of how well they do their jobs.

Lao Jin was upset that no one at the law firm could talk to Hu Ping about investments. Tang Yihui thought of Yanghua and asked Qin Shi to ask for help from Yanghua. Qin Shi took Yanghua to the reception because he couldn’t say no. Qin Shi was worried that Yanghua would find out about his lies, but Yanghua acted like nothing was wrong. Yanghua meets someone he used to know by chance at the reception.

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Wu Fei told Tao Junhui that after Yang Hua left Hengli, he didn’t work for an investment bank and that Wu Fei thought Yang Hua was lying. Wu Fei broke down in tears and asked Tao Junhui how Qin Shi had treated him. He still loved her, and she was still in his heart. Yanghua told Qin Shi that Tao Junhui was a nice guy and that if Qin Shi wanted to find Tao Junhui, he could get a divorce from Yanghua. Yanghua also admitted that he had failed and felt like he was less than others.

Tao Junhui and Qin Shi worked on the case as a team. When Wu Fei heard about it, he went straight to Qin Shi. Why did she sneakily check on her agent? After getting a few things, Qin Shi went home to make a delicious lunch. Yanghua was worried about how well Qin Shi could cook. Qin Shi said he was ready and excited to show what he could do.