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Under the Queens Umbrella Episode 15 Release Date and Recap of Episode 14

Kim Hyung-Shik is in charge of the historical Korean drama series Under the Queen’s Umbrella, which stars Kim Hye-soo as Queen Im Hwa-ryeong, Kim Hae-sok as Queen Dowager, and Choi Won-young as King Lee-ho. Moon Sang-min will play Grand Prince Sung-nam, Bae In-hyuk will play the Crown Prince, Yoo Seon-ho will play Grand Prince Gye-Seong, and Kang Chan-hee will play Prince Ui-Seong.

This Korean drama gives us an idea of what it was like to be a woman in the Joseon era by showing us their struggles and problems, especially when it came to questions about the throne. In most kingdoms, the kings are in charge, and the women are left behind to take care of their needs or raise their children, who might one day be heirs.

Release Date and Time for Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 15

From October 15, 2022, until December 4, 2022, the show will be available on Netflix. On December 3, 2022, at 9:10 PM KST or 7.30 PM IST, episode 15 of the show will be available online.

Episode 15 of Under the Queen’s Umbrella: Predictions

Under the Queens Umbrella Episode 15 Release Date

The rebellion against the current King has been going on for a long time. Queen Hwa-ryeong and Queen Dowager argue about problems from the past that still bother them now. Consort Hwang is worried about Prince Ui-life, seong’s, and the Crown Princess has a serious illness that could kill her. Queen Dowager makes fun of Chief State Councillor and tells him to give Kwon back. As the bloody second-to-last battle gets closer, it’s clear that the King is desperate.

Cast of Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Kim Hye-soo as Queen Im Hwa-ryeong, Kim Hae-sook as Queen Dowager, and Choi Won-young as King Lee-ho make up the show’s main cast. Moon Sang-min will play Grand Prince Sung-nam in the show. Bae In-hyuk will play the Crown Prince, Yoo Seon-ho will play Grand Prince Gye-Seong, and Kang Chan-hee will play Prince Ui-Seong. Kim Ga-Eun as Royal Consort So-Yong Tae, Ok Ja-Yeon as Royal Consort Gwi-in Hwang, Kim Min-ki as Prince Bo-gum, Woo Jung-won as Royal Consort Gwi-in Go, and other cast members as Royal Consorts So-Yong Tae, Gwi-in Hwang, Bo-gum, and Gwi-in Go.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Plot

The series is described on Netflix as follows: “An ambitious queen tries to tame her rowdy sons so that one of them can become the next king of Joseon, while her rivals try to steal the throne.”

Recap of episode 14 of Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Yoo Sang-son uk once exchanged places with doctor Kwon to save the great prince.

The Queen Dowager asks consort Hwang who Uiseong’s real father is, and she insists it’s the king before swallowing the poisoned tea.

Seongnam searches the royal archives for crown prince Taein’s autopsy report. The queen wants the king to investigate Taein’s killing since it could reveal who killed their son, but he refuses.

The queen believes the truth is in the royal historian’s hidden papers. The king agrees and asks Gyeong-u if he left the palace after reading the secret potion.

The Queen notifies Physician Kwon, whose true name is Yi Ik-Hyeon, that her son’s autopsy is missing. Ik-Hyeon tells Yoo Sang-UK that the autopsy report is missing and that they need his help.

Under the Queens Umbrella Episode 15 Release Date

Uiseong still tries to recruit Hwang, but the older refuses. He asks consort Hwang why she doesn’t mind her son joining the rebels. She says they have no option because the queen dowager knows Uiseong isn’t the King’s son.

Sang-UK and Ik-Hyeon tell Councilman Hwang what they want. They suggest he’ll be spared if he provides critical information, and Hwang agrees to declare the king saw Taein’s murder if the rebels prevail.

When asked about the missing autopsy report, he replies Cho Guk-Yeong, the royal physician, must have it. Queen dowager urged Guk-Yeong, who worked for Sang-uk, to poison Taein.

Gyeong-u promises to reveal to the queen the secret draught if she doesn’t tell anyone. He informs her there may be someone she can’t accept.

Sang-UK notified the former King that Taein was poisoned, but there wasn’t enough proof, so the King covered it up and directed the royal historian not to mention it. He then saw King Guemyeong.

The queen is just now realizing that the king knows why Taein died. The monarch burns the missing autopsy report to hide his vulnerability.

The queen dowager asks Cheong-ha if she and Seongnam had slept together. She warns terrible rumors are circulating, so don’t delay.

Cheong-ha informs the queen she wants to consummate the marriage quickly to quell rumors. She petitions the queen for help and is sent to Seongnam’s brothers.

She learns all she can about him and leaves. The queen dowager sees her leaving the grand prince’s quarters and starts another rumor. The queen acts when she hears the rumors.

She contacts Seongnam and Cheong-ha and gives them a nursemaid who is adept at matching couples. After that, they have many rituals to prepare for a night out.

Nighttime finds Seongnam and Cheong-ha drinking. Seongnam wakes up with Cheong-ha the next morning but doesn’t remember anything.

Cheong-ha says Seongnam was too inebriated, so she didn’t execute the deed. After a few flashbacks, he doubts what she said.

The queen dowager learns that Yi Ik-Hyeon used to see consort Hwang as a child. He’s likely Uiseong’s father.

Ik-Hyeon gives the queen three poisons to look at. He doesn’t think the queen will believe he brought actual poison.

The queen sees through this and tells Lady Shin that her son was poisoned. The queen must see something immediately, says a palace guard.

A woman in Hyewolgak committed suicide, and the queen was called since her symptoms resembled the late crown prince’s. The poison was Gansu, salty water.

She hurries to Queen Yoon’s house and witnesses her son walk without a limp. She remembers that doctor Kwon has a limp, so she assumes he’s Yi Ik-Hyeon.

Cho Guk-Yeong also gets Gansu, and Ik-Hyeon offers him the antidote if he finds the autopsy report.

Guk-Yeong says he put it on the archives floor. Queen asks queen Yoon if her son assassinated the former crown prince. She swears she didn’t but isn’t sorry.

Ik-Hyeon doesn’t discover the autopsy report, but the queen knows he killed the crown prince.

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Review of Episode 14 of Under the Queen’s Umbrella

The episode gave a lot of background on how the king replaced the former crown prince to become the heir. As a result, the story feels a lot more complete, which is good for the plot.

This episode is fun to watch because it shows a lot about the characters. The King, who has been a good leader and is generally a good person, has to take part in a cover-up because he wanted to be King when he was a young prince.

The other time is when the queen finds out about the rumors that are going around about her son. Throughout the series, Kim Hye-soo’s facial expressions have been so over the top and great, and this is one of the best.

This episode also shows the silly side of the monarchy, as a nursemaid puts the prince and princess through all kinds of trials to make sure their night together is perfect. Even though it’s funny to think about, this kind of thing still happens today, which shows that rituals don’t change over time.