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Where to Watch Cheer Up Episode 16, Release Date and Streaming Platforms

The release date for Cheer Up episode 16 is coming up quickly. Fans of this new teen kdrama have always been excited about the show, and this time is no different. We’ll tell you when Cheer Up episode 16 will be out and how to stream it, but before we do that, we’ll tell you about the most recent episode for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

Due to her near-death experience, Hae-Yi gets a few days off from all of her part-time jobs. She uses these days to ask Jung-woo out to the movies. She didn’t think that he would have already bought tickets to the show she wanted to see. Hae-Yi says the seats are great, even though he couldn’t pay for them. He purrs and strokes her hair as he asks her if she likes the gift.

Everyone can date openly, and man, are these students ready to have fun with it? Sunja and Jae start to get close after Sunja gives Min a makeover. Cho-boyfriend, hee’s Yong, tells her that she is too valuable to date any of the men who have hurt her. Cho-hee thinks about this for a long time and decides to put her love life on hold.

Where to Watch Cheer Up Episode 16?

For those who don’t know, let us remind you that the last episode of our favorite mystery show will be shown without subtitles in South Korea first.

Later, fans around the world will be able to watch the episode online with subtitles on the Viu app.

Cheer Up Episode 16 Release Date

Cheer Up Episode 16 Release Date

If you want to know when the last episode of The Cheer Up will come out, we can tell you that it will be on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. The episode is called “Episode 16,” and it will be a mystery drama.

Let’s remind you that fans in Korea can watch the last episode of the drama all at once on SBS at around 10 p.m.

Before we talk about that, let’s look at what has already happened. In an earlier episode of the show, Hae-Yi came close to dying and took a few days off from her part-time job.

On her day off, she wanted to go out and have fun, so she asked Jung-woo to go to the movies with her. Even though she was eager to see that show, she didn’t expect him to have already bought tickets for it.

Cheer Up Season 1 Episode 16 In Binge Watching

The lockdown that has been in place since 2020 has made watching series the new trend among people who watch a lot of TV at once. They haven’t stuck to just one region or genre. It’s also become common for series to go in different directions. These people who watch Binge are now watching it in Korea, Spain, Germany, and many other places. Cheer Up is one of these shows that many of these binge-watchers have been meaning to watch.

Cheer Up, Episode 16 of Season 1 on OTT Platforms

Online platforms are becoming some of the best places to watch TV shows because they make it possible for shows and movies to be released all at once. There have been more people watching series because there are more ways to watch them online. These online platforms make it easy for people who like to binge-watch to do so with little effort. In fact, you can also watch Cheer Up Season 1 Episode 16 online.

A Quick Recap of Cheer Up 2022 Episodes

Now that he has no reason to hide it, Jung-woo makes it sweeter. Jung-woo isn’t sure what’s going on, but he doesn’t ask any questions. He’s lucky that he’s there with Ha-jin, his ex-girlfriend and the captain of the Hokyung cheer squad. When Yi asks what her goal is, Jin says, “To get rid of Woo.”

Cheer Up Episode 16 Release Date

She then asks Sun and Yi about their relationship. Hae says, “Nope,” as she walks into her classroom, to dismiss it. Jung tells Yi that he still trusts her even though she can’t explain why she went with Ho. It’s possible that this won’t make Jung feel better. She says that she can’t say anything. Sun-ho calls Hae-Yi and asks to talk to her mother. He wants her to go with him to the clinic, so he wants to talk to her.

Hae-Yi decides to go with him for some reason and cancels the meeting with Jung-woo without giving a reason. Later, when Jung-woo goes to Hae’s house out of worry for her, he finds her there with Sun-ho. Hae’s mother has told the children to go back home while she and Jin-hee stay at the clinic.

Sun-ho is expected to stay the night, even though he doesn’t like being in that situation. Sun-ho stays at Jae-room Yi’s house while he and Hae-Yi both go to school in the afternoon. They run into Jung-woo, but they don’t tell him who they are. Eventually, after an awkward dinner at Hae-house with Sun-ho and Jung-woo, Yi’s two boys decide to make up.

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Sun-ho says he will give up on Hae-Yi because she seemed happy with Jung-woo. But now that this fight is over, the Yonhee and Hokyung cheerleading teams fight in front of the cameraman, making a new one. The teams will be shown on TV, and the show is trying to find a love story.

The TV crew pushes Jung-woo and Ha-jin close together for extreme close-ups, which makes Hae-Yi jealous. Then, Ha-jin and Hae-Yi compete against each other in sports competitions. Jung and Jin can hear Hae answer, yi’s, and Woo is so happy that he has to look at the ground to stop smiling.

Since she started dating Jung, Ha-jin has been shocked by how much he has changed. He and Yi were very happy, which is not like Woo. Jin-il fought a Sunbae, and the Sunbae nearly died from knife wounds. He seems to be awake right now, but he is in a coma.