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Where to Watch She and Her Perfect Husband, Cast, Budgets, Controversies and Summary

She and Her Perfect Husband is a Chinese love story that was directed by Lin Yan. Yang Mi and Xu Kai are the main stars of the drama, and Li Ze Feng, Tang Jing Mei, Wang Zi Xuan, and Yue Yao Li are important supporting characters. The drama will be broadcast on the Tencent Video network.

She and Her Perfect Husband is a well-written drama that perfectly connects all of its characters and gives them all the same chances to show how good they are as actors. It’s the story of two young couples who got married in tough situations. The drama pulls you in and leaves you with a lesson about love and life.

This article has everything about the drama that anyone would want to know, like the story, the full cast list, the list of creators, the release date, the budget and how much money it made, and the most recent updates and news about the drama.

She and Her Perfect Husband Creator List

She and Her Perfect Husband

A well-known Chinese director named Lin Yan is in charge of making the drama, and a well-known screenwriter named Zhu Li wrote the script. Here is the list that the author of She and Her Perfect Husband made.

Director: Lin Yan
Screenwriter: Zhu Li
Producer: Teng Hua Tao
Original Network: Tencent Video

She and Her perfect Husband Complete Cast Listing

In the drama, Yang Mi plays the main female character, whose name is Qin Shi. Xu Kai plays the main male character, whose name is Yang Hua. The drama’s main supporting cast also includes Li Ze Feng, Tang Jing Mei, Wang Zi Xuan, and Yue Yao Li.

The full list of actors and actresses in the Chinese drama She and Her Perfect Husband is given below.

  • Yang Mi
  • Xu Kai
  • Li Ze Feng
  • Tang Jing Mei
  • Wang Zi Xuan
  • Yue Yao Li
  • Kid Young
  • Li Xiao Feng
  • Leslie Ma
  • Daniel Gu
  • He Feng Tian
  • Yang Kun

The Controversy Involving She and Her Perfect Husband

If the project is well-planned and well-prepared, there might not be any trouble with it. Planning and taking care of legal issues for the drama were done very well, so there is no current controversy about it.

In the future, if there is any drama-related controversy, it will be briefly described in this section.

Where to Stream She and Her Perfect Husband?

She and Her Perfect Husband

At first, it will be shown on the Chinese online video streaming platform Tencent Video in Mandarin. The first episodes will air on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The drama will also be available to watch online in different languages and with subtitles. In the future, we’ll let you know where you can watch She and Her Perfect Husband for free or for a fee.

Budget & Collection for She and Her perfect Husband

The people who made the movie spent a lot of money on the actors and the places where they filmed. Editing and special effects also look good and took a lot of time and money. If you look at the whole budget for the drama, it seems like a medium-budget drama, but the people who made it have never said how much it cost or how much it made.

After the budget and number of dramas have been officially announced, we will put all of the details here, so check back often for updates.

She and Her perfect Husband: A Summary

Qin Shi (Yang Mi) is a young, talented girl who wants to be a lawyer. Marriage is the last thing on her mind, but her parents are desperate for her to get married.

One of the largest law firms in the country is called “Cheng and Hui.” The firm is looking for lawyers who specialize in family law, and one of the requirements is that they are married. Qin Shi’s brother changed her status from single to married without her knowing. Because of this, she was chosen for the job.

When she finds out that her brother made a mistake about her marriage, she wants to explain the situation to the founder of the law firm, Lao Jin, but she doesn’t get the chance. One day, she was about to tell him the truth when her difficult husband Yang Hua (Xu Kai), who was one of her biggest troublemakers, showed up.

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Due to their situation, they decide to get their marriage registered. So, the problem was solved, and their families think they are married, even though they hate each other. When Qin Shi’s ex-boyfriend comes into the story, it gets more complicated and interesting. She and Her Perfect Husband is a beautiful love story that you should add to your list of shows to watch.

Final Words

The 33rd and 34th episodes of She and Her Perfect Husband are here. Find out when episodes 33 and 34 will come out and how you can watch them. Episodes 32 and 33 will air at 2 a.m. EST on the Tencent video platform in mainland China. Tao Jun Hui lagged behind Qin Shi by two years in school because he thought she was very stunning.

Wu Fei’s boss, to whom she regularly referred, turned out to be his ex-fiancée. Yang Hua saw her researching Luowei Yulan’s paperwork and asked for her help.