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Who is 90-Day Fiancé Star Veronica? Is she currently involved with Jamal? 

Fans think that Jamal Menzies, the son of Kim Menzies, is the new boyfriend of 90 Day Fiancé actress Veronica Rodriguez, who revealed this information at 90 Day: The Single Life Uncensored. Tim Malcolm and Veronica, who was 37 at the time, were companions for over a decade. In the end, they decided to separate ways and became great friends.

In season five of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Veronica initially featured as a secondary character in Tim and Jeniffer Tarazona’s plot. Despite having dated Grant for some time, Veronica most recently appeared in the film 90 Days: The Single Life, where she met Justin, who she subsequently discovered was simply interested in having a good time.

Who is 90-Day Fiancé Star Veronica? Is she currently involved with Jamal? 

During the 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell-All Part 1, Veronica appeared on set alongside Tim, her co-star from Pillow Talk. Tim believed that Veronica felt nauseous because she had had too much alcohol. Veronica reported feeling queasy.

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Veronica was worried about having to evaluate people in the limelight at the reunion when she usually does so from the comfort of her sofa. Tim inferred from her agitation and dry-heaving that she feared the cast might assault her.

In the preview clip for the three-part Tell-All that played at the start of the show, host Shaun Robinson asks Veronica, “You’re seeing someone, and he’s joining us today?” The cameras showed a man backstage with an emphasis on his hands, and 90 Day Fiancé actress Veronica added with a broad grin, “You know, it’s rather fresh.”

90-Day Fiancé Star Veronica & Jamal Still Together

The man’s hands and several finger rings attracted the most attention. As he tightened his shackles, viewers could see him wearing beaded bracelets on both of his wrists. Reddit users have hypothesized that Veronica is dating another cast member of 90-Day Fiancé.

Cuban then remarked on the matter, stating, “The hands sort of resembled Jamal’s.” After viewing Tell-All, they returned to 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? In the most recent episode of season 7, Jamal consoled his reality TV star mother Kim following the loss of his grandmother Sally.

90-Day Fiancé Star Veronica & Jamal Still Together

Jamal’s hands from episode 14 of HEA, when he was strolling with Kim, and the hands of Veronica’s secret boyfriend, as seen in the Tell-All, are nearly identical. Jamal is wearing identical bracelets and has a black ring on his pinkie and a collection of gold and silver rings on his right ring finger.

In his Instagram photos, Jamal wears matching rings and bracelets. The fact that Jamal and Veronica follow each other on Instagram is meaningless, but it signals that Veronica has found “the one” in Kim’s son.

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Will Jamal Menzies Be On 90 Days: The Single Life?

Fans have been requesting for a long time that Jamal be cast in 90 Days: The Single Life. In 90 Day Fiancé, he appears exclusively through video chat. Before the fifth season of 90 Days, fans admired him because he provided his mother with dating and life advice.

He received respect after he uncovered Usman Umar’s fabrications at the B90 Tell-All. Then, Jamal moved on to Pillow Talk with Kim, where fans applauded him for remaining both realistic and handsome.

Will Jamal Menzies Be On 90 Days: The Single Life?

If Jamal were to marry her, Kim would be Veronica’s mother-in-law (she was looking for a man she could settle down with). Are fans of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off ready to watch their favorite cast members clash? If Jamal’s hands were on the Tell-All, they would have to be his.

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