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Are Danielle and Nick Still Dating, and Where Are They Now?

One of Love Is Blind season 2‘s strongest couples, Nick and Danielle, fans want to know if they’re still together and what happened after filming. Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl are two of 30+ Love Is Blind season 2 contestants. In Love Is Blind, released on Netflix in February 2020, 30 men and women speed-date in “Pods” for 10 days.

The couples can decide to get engaged sight unseen in 10 days. After the proposal, the couple vacationed in Mexico and get to know each other. After the trip, the couples, who live in the same city, move into an apartment together to meet each other’s families and friends and prepare for their weddings.

On their wedding days, the couples must decide if love is blind or not. Love Is Blind is Netflix’s highest-rated series, with over 30 million views in its first two months. Everyone worldwide wants to be loved for who they are. “Everyone wants to be loved for who they are,” creator Chris Coelen told Variety in 2020.

Today we have dating apps and technology to find love. Those things paradoxically made people feel disposable. They made it seem superficial. It goes against instructions. We wondered, “If we took everyone’s devices away, how could we get them to focus on connecting with others?”

Coelen told Variety that Love Is Blind relationships were stronger because they were based on choice. It was terrifying because nobody had to do anything, unlike Married at First Sight, where you sign up and know you’re marrying a stranger. Nobody worked here. If you choose. Scary.

“They don’t have to marry,” he said. If they found someone, could love overcome real-world judgment? What a fascinating question. We tried to examine that.” Is Nick still with Danielle from Love Is Blind season 2? See where Nick and Danielle from Love Is Blind season 2 are now and if their blind love survived.

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Is Nick and Danielle From Love is Blind Season 2 Still Together?

Is Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl from Love Is Blind season 2 still together? No. On Love Is Blind season 2, Danielle, a 29-year-old associate director in marketing, and Nick, a 36-year-old vice president of product marketing, met and got engaged in The Pods and married in the finale.

Jarrette and Iyanna were the other Love Is Blind season 2 couples to marry. So… Nick and Danielle from Love Is Blind season 2 still together? Yes. In February 2022, TikTok user @zacharyreality met Nick and Danielle at an NBA game and took separate photos with them, confirming their relationship. “Met them separately,” he commented.

In Love Is Blind season 2, Nick and Danielle had their issues. In episode 1, Danielle and Nick bonded over their divorced parents. Divorce runs in my family. I have seen no successful relationship. That’ll be my worry. Will I follow my family?” Danielle said.

Nick told Danielle his parents divorced when he was 5. Danielle told Nick about her past relationship hurts. “I’ve had relationships where the guy makes me insecure. When he was in bed with me, he would scroll through his phone and show me girls who weren’t me.

“I would obsess over that,” she said. Nick and Danielle bonded over childhood weight issues. Danielle told Nick she lost 70 pounds. “I didn’t want to tell you that. I’m afraid to say it because people might think, “What if she gets back to that?” She said, “I’m always insecure.” Nick then told Danielle that he was “chunky” as a kid before getting into health in college.


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Nick and Danielle became Love Is Blind season 2’s first engaged couple after episode 1. They met in person and went on a Mexico retreat with the other engaged couples. In episode 5, Danielle confronted Nick for attending a cocktail party without her because she had food poisoning.

This was the first crack in their relationship. Danielle told Nick, “You looked like you had fun,” after watching him from her hotel. Nick then clarified that he was only talking to another woman at the party about “capitalism” and not to worry. I trust you. I do. I dislike situations that won’t work.

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Danielle said, “Today.” “This will cause major issues,” Danielle told Nick that she locked herself in their hotel closet for three hours and cried because she was so in her head. Nick leaves because he feels unheard, escalating the fight. “Stop being toxic and acting mad at me.

danielle and nick dating

“You’re not actively preventing toxicity,” he said. Danielle apologized to Nick the next morning. “We usually communicate well, but never like this. Unsettling. Danielle confessed, “It stinks.” In his own interview, Nick said, “If we met in real life, and we had an argument like we had last night that early on, it wouldn’t have worked. However, our strong communication skills from The Pods allow us to recover. Our bond grows stronger.”

Episode 10 saw Danielle and Nick marry. In August 2022, a month after their first anniversary, Danielle filed for divorce from Nick in Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois. The filing came a month before Netflix’s season 2 Love Is Blind: After the Altar special, which showed Danielle and Nick still married.

Danielle responded to critics on her Instagram Story in September 2022. “It’s funny when people are like, ‘How are you so happy?’” she said. I can post an Instagram Live of me crying for eight hours if you want! My reality.”


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In another Instagram Story, she wrote, “Can barely see out of my eyes from crying. I handle them like everyone else. Love to all.” In another Instagram Story video, Danielle joked that she could post more about her split from Nick if her followers wanted it. “I could easily sit here posting Stories and crying. “I do it all day,” she said. I cry constantly. Easily. I cry happy and sad. Who would watch that? Go.”

After Love Is Blind, Danielle told STYLECASTER in July 2022 that she and Nick were still trying to “date” again. “Because of the condensed timeline, we’re trying to almost date,” she said. “You’re married and living together, but you missed out on some things. Before discussing the future, we want to experience those.

She added, “We want kids together. I’m still picturing them and how fun their tee-ball game will be. It’s fun to imagine, but we’re taking our time.” Danielle also stated that she and Nick had much to learn about each other. “We’re still getting used to each other’s communication styles and speaking a different language,” she said.

“We are pretty different, but I also don’t have to focus on insecurities I’ve had in past relationships—weight loss, mental health, dandruff. I’m finally with someone who doesn’t care about that stuff and supports me in all my anxieties and insecurities.”

Who is Nick From Love is Blind Season 2?

Is Nick Thompson from Love Is Blind season 2? Chicago-born Nick is a 36-year-old product marketing VP. Nick is @nthompson513. “Humanist. S2. Product/Brand Marketing. Iced coffee. Bulls. Bears. Non-GMO. “Be Relevant,” his Instagram bio reads.

“I’m kind of a neat freak,” Nick captioned a Love Is a Blind season 2 headshot on Instagram after being cast. “It’s been quite an experience looking for love, many times in all the wrong places,” he wrote. Now I am excited to invite all of you to join me on my journey to find out if love is blind when Season 2 of @loveisblindnetflix premieres on February 11!”


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Nick has been Mediafly’s vice president of product marketing since August 2021, according to Linkedin. Two years prior, he worked at Tacton. He was the director of product marketing before becoming the vice president of product marketing and then marketing.

He was a senior band marketing manager at Zoro US, CDW, and PCNation. 2010 Full Sail University business graduate. He was Harper College’s Harbinger editor when he earned an associate of arts in business administration and management in 2008.

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Who is Danielle From Love is Blind Season 2?

Danielle Ruhl from Love Is Blind season 2? Chicago-based 29-year-old marketing associate director Danielle Instagram: @dnellruhl. Danielle quotes Michael Scott from The Office in her Instagram bio: “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

After being cast in Love Is Blind season 2, Danielle posted a show still on Instagram with the caption, “who am I smiling about??? LIB premieres on February 11 @loveisblindnetflix @netflix. She posted a clip of her telling Nick about “wine Danielle” from episode 1. Who wants to meet Wine Danielle on February 11? Danielle captioned.


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Danielle graduated from UIUC in 2015, according to her Linkedin. She was a Clover Technologies Group marketing intern. Danielle was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority and the American Advertising Federation, according to a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign interview.

She said her social media internship helped her career in the interview. Social media lets people interact with coworkers, clients, and advertisers. This internship let me practice for a creative career. She added, “Now I feel comfortable creating and presenting presentations to coworkers and clients.”

Netflix streams Love Is Blind.