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All About Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez Breakup….

Today, we will examine Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez’s Breakup. Bailey is a social media influencer, but more importantly, she is a makeup artist who narrates true murder mysteries while applying a complete face of beauty. She is an avid fan of real crime with extensive knowledge and expertise in makeup. Fern, on the contrary, is a tattoo and graffiti artist.

Bailey and Fern were initially quite open about their romantic relationship. They never failed to upload their hilarious photos on social media, verifying their continued relationship with their admirers.

However, she abruptly stopped blogging, and the majority of people have noticed. Many already believed they had separated. While the rest remain in doubt, questioning Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez’s relationship ended.

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If so, what caused their breakup after so many years of dating? I strongly suggest you read this article to its conclusion for further information on the duo’s present position.

Why did Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez break up?

Many of you may be upset upon learning the truth. Yes! Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez have ended their relationship. The social media influencer is now present on both Instagram and Twitter.

She announced to the world at the beginning of this year that she wanted time to grieve and figure out what she wants from life. Now that she has moved on, she wants to give this year a fresh start.

I will always love him": Bailey Sarian urges fans not to send hate as she  and Fern break up

On January 24, 2022, she informed her admirers of the news, which astonished them all. In addition, she urged people not to be impolite or send Fern insulting comments.

She noted that she understands we usually want there to be a “bad guy,” but there was none in her instance. The makeup artist continued by stating that she has faith in the process and feels that they met and remained together for a purpose.

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However, it was time for the pair to find out a few things on their own. She concluded by stating that she will continue to love him and that she wishes Fern love and happiness.

Overall, Bailey appears to have no ill will and is generally content with their separation. Everyone deserves to be loved, and no one can be denied that simply because a relationship didn’t work out. The exact cause for their breakup is still a closely guarded secret.

When did Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez Start Dating?

While acquiring her first tattoo, Bailey meets Fern for the first time. In 2013, their friendship began to evolve into a romantic relationship. After a few years of dating, they became engaged in 2016.

When did Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez Start Dating?

It is unknown whether or not they have tied the knot. However, there have been reports that they would marry in secret in 2021. No longer does it matter whether they are married.

Bailey and Fern have currently separated ways for their respective benefit. It is permissible as long as both parties are consenting adults.

Bailey Sarian’s Popularity

The gorgeous and fashionable social media celebrity came to stardom after she began uploading makeup tutorials on YouTube and sharing true crime stories. Her YouTube account has almost 6.26 million subscribers, according to her bio. People appreciate her makeup photos and murder tales.

Additionally, her Instagram account has acquired a massive following of 2.9 million people. These days, makeup tutorial videos are extremely widespread. Her uniqueness lies in the fact that she converses about murder stories while doing cosmetics, which is rather contrasting.

Best wishes to Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez for their respective careers in the coming days. Also, I hope Bailey and Fern are getting along! There is nothing greater than this!

Final Words

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