Who is Scott Borgerson? Ghislaine Maxwell’s Private Wedding

Who is Scott Borgerson? Ghislaine Maxwell's Private Wedding
Who is Scott Borgerson? Ghislaine Maxwell's Private Wedding

Ghislaine Maxwell, a former British socialite accused of child sex trafficking, is once again in the news following the release of the Netflix documentary Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich.

The 60-year-old, who had close contact with sexual criminal Jeffrey Epstein, is currently serving a 20-year jail term in Florida. During her trial in 2021, Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret marriage was discovered. Who is her husband, and what is her marital status at present? Find out by reading on.

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Private Wedding

During her trial on July 14, 2020, it was discovered that Ghislaine Maxwell was secretly married to Scott Borgerson, whose name was circulating at the time. Prosecutors said that the socialite concealed her marital status and fortune from the court.

Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe had told the court, “The defendant makes no reference whatsoever of the financial conditions or assets of her spouse, whose identity she refused to divulge to Pretrial Services.”

Ghislaine Maxwell's Private Wedding

Maxwell then told the court that she attempted to file for divorce from her spouse before to her arrest so that he wouldn’t be affiliated with her. Maxwell and Scott Borgerson were reportedly secretly married in 2016. Borgerson, though, denied their relationship, claiming they were only old pals.

About Scott Borgerson

Scott Borgerson, aged 48, is the chief executive officer of CargoMetrics, a firm that processes data analytics for marine commerce and shipping. In 2020, the company was valued at $100 million. According to reports, Borgerson resides in a massive oceanfront estate in Massachusetts.

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In 2013, Maxwell reportedly met Borgerson during a meeting in Reykjavik related to ocean protection. Borgerson was still married to his ex-wife Rebecca at the time. Rebecca was allegedly upset after witnessing a video of her husband kissing and embracing his new lover and learning that he had left her for Maxwell.

A source told the media in 2019 that Scott left his wife for Ghislaine around five years ago. What has occurred to Rebecca is reprehensible. Rebecca and Scott appeared to be a wonderful pair. However, as time passed, he became increasingly distracted and was frequently on his cell phone, apparently for business conversations. He traveled frequently for employment.”

During the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell was sheltering at the Massachusetts House of Borgerson. However, the CEO disputed the charges, claiming he had no clue where she resided.

Borgerson attempted to bail Maxwell out before her trial

The Telegraph said that Borgerson offered to pay a $22.5 million bond to secure Maxwell’s release before to her trial. However, his name was never listed in the official court papers, and he was absent from the hearings.

Maxwell allegedly moved all of her assets into her husband’s name after their marriage in order to safeguard her finances before her trial. Multiple sources suggest that Borgerson is currently in a relationship with another individual.

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