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Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss’ Relationship Timeline: All About Their Relationship

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfus Relationship: Leaning toward love! Big Brother is responsible for Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss’ love, but it wasn’t until they were both ousted that their romance took off.

In season 23 of the CBS series, the two met in July 2021 while living under the same roof in the month of July. Following their separate eliminations from the house in August and September 2021, they were given a second chance at love during their two-week stay in the jury house.

“I loved Claire in the home very much. I knew that Claire was my type,” Xaio told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview in October 2021. “I knew from the first week that Claire was my type, but I have no idea why. I suppose I’ve never allowed myself to explore it beyond a simple friendship.”

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Us broke the news of the off-screen romance between the two TV personalities in October 2021, just after the show’s winner was announced in late September.

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss’ Relationship Timeline: All About Their Relationship

As opposed to while they were in the main home, there were no cameras recording their late-night chats in the jury house, allowing their showmance to grow.

Rehfuss told Us, “Once you’re off camera, that’s when you truly, really get to know a person, and you can really be vulnerable and honest and talk about a lot of things from your past.”

Xiao said, “I believe I know Claire better than many of my closest friends.”

After forming their romance behind the scenes on the CBS show, the couple told Us in October 2021 what they love most about one another.

“I believe what I like most about Derek is his genuine sense of humor. “We simply make each other laugh,” the alumnus of the University of Michigan stated. “However, I also believe that Derek has one of the largest hearts of anyone I’ve encountered.

He simply always sees the positive in every circumstance. He sees the best in every individual. Moreover, he is really kindhearted. He has so much love to give and accepts it so gracefully.”

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss’ Relationship Timeline: All About Their Relationship

In contrast, Xiao highlighted Rehfuss’ “wonderful” sense of humor as one of her strongest attributes.

“She always brings a grin to my face. She is one of the most joyful individuals I’ve ever encountered. She has a proverb that goes, “Remember the rule.” Have fun.’ “This is one of my favorite sayings that I learned growing up,” the University of Maryland graduate told Us.

“She gave me a bracelet with the symbol on it, and I wear it every day. She also possesses an exceptionally caring heart. Her genuine affection for everyone in the family was evident. Claire epitomizes, in my opinion, all that is creative and wonderful.

Scroll down to relive the explosive relationship between Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfus:

July – 2021

After houseguest Christie Valdiserri tested positive for COVID-19, Rehfuss replaced her prior to the debut of season 23. According to Xiao, he understood from the first week of the competition that the Ohioan was his “type,” but he did nothing about it since he was focused on winning the game. Rehfuss had a similar response when he met the native of Baltimore.

In October 2021, she told Us in an exclusive interview, “I believe each of us had a little bit of a crush on one other, or at the very least realized that there was promise there.”

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“But then you become so involved in the game that you stop thinking about it. You are just so intent on winning the money. And you are not investigating it. You are not actually thinking, “What if this happens?”

August – 2021

Xiao was eliminated from the Big Brother house on the 26th of August.