Do Damon and Thea’s Relationship End in Season 2 of All American: Homecoming?

Damon and Thea break up

When All American: Homecoming premiered, the major romantic question was whether Simone Hicks and Damon Sims would be together. Sparks sparked between the two in the backdoor pilot for the collegiate drama, and they didn’t fade after the program got underway.

However, for the majority of the first season, Simone was in a relationship, and by the time she wasn’t, Damon had moved on with her rival, Thea Mays. The tennis pro has had a tense relationship with the show’s protagonist since the beginning, and things only became worse after Thea was injured while using Simone’s tennis racket.

Thea’s injuries followed her into season 2 and have caused her distress. While the recovery process has experienced difficulties, she has been making progress, but not quickly enough to secure her spot on the squad as a top player. When Coach Loni attempted to talk to Thea about getting red-shirted, the athlete refused.

She made a decision in the autumn finale to take charge of her life, which has harmed her relationship with Damon. This is what occurred.

Do Damon and Thea’s Relationship End in Season 2 of All American: Homecoming?

In “Integrity,” the seventh episode, Thea broke up with Damon. She said that she had started to lose herself in their connection and the reason for it.

Prior to opening her life and heart to the community, she has built at Bringston, Thea had made tennis the priority in her life. She now views her romance with Damon as a diversion, which is a problem.

Thea believed that her coach would never have thought of benching her for the entire season if she had been concentrating on her tennis career.

Although she is aware that obtaining cortisone shots wasn’t the greatest course of action, she made the choice to do so to increase her chances of returning to court. They rejected that idea when Damon referred to them as a “we” while making decisions about her body and what was best for her.

Thea needs a break from their relationship even if the two are in love. Thea concurred as they were about to part ways with Damon’s earlier observation that she wasn’t acting like herself. She has never allowed anyone to get in the way of her objectives and goals in tennis.

She behaved differently in her dealings with Damon’s ex-girlfriend. Neither were her thoughts of inadequacy and pursuing Damon more quickly than she had originally anticipated. As a result, Thea decided to use the brakes completely rather than reduce her speed.

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We’ll have to wait and see how long this breakup will endure, but despite their love for one another, it’s obvious that they don’t share the same viewpoint.

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