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Are Harry and Francesca From “Too Hot to Handle” Still Together? 

Francesca Farago appeared to confirm that she and her Too Hot To Handle co-star Harry Jowsey are back together a year after they appeared on the Netflix series, but what does their relationship look like in 2022?

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey were unquestionably the most notable cast members of the Netflix series when it premiered in 2020. After costing their co-stars thousands of dollars for violating Lana’s rules on sexual contact, they eventually recovered the money and added it to the reward pool.

Francesca and Harry departed the paradise island as a couple, but are they still together? Why did they separate?

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago Still Have a Relationship?

After giving fans reason to believe they were back together last year, it appears Harry and Francesca aren’t together after all. Harry shared their final photo together in May 2021.

are harry and francesca still together

But in December, after flying to Dubai for a vacation after Christmas with what appeared to be a new partner, Harry shared multiple TikToks of himself. He wrote in the caption of one Instagram image from the trip, “A journey I’ll never forget.

In the meantime, Francesca has shared a number of TikToks about reconciling with an ex, including one where she discusses doing so “a third time.” Additionally, she published a mysterious video that appeared to suggest that she is, in fact, dating someone.

She captioned the video, “Me being happy and keeping my relationships private,” and then added, “The urge to comment on all their social media.”


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Although it’s possible that they briefly rekindled their relationship last year, their most recent photo together was taken when Harry celebrated his 24th birthday in May 2021, just days before the series’ two THTH contestants were revealed. Since his birthday in May 2020, she hasn’t shared any images of him.

How Long Did Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago Date?

Too Hot to Handle couple Harry and Francesca got together during the series, which was filmed in March-April 2019.

In a heartfelt video compilation Francesca shared on Instagram shortly after the show aired, she detailed how Harry came to stay with her in her hometown, Vancouver, two weeks after the show ended.

She then visited Aussie-born Harry in Queensland, which she shared posts of on her Instagram page, shortly after.

However, there were no traces of each other on social media for months later as they broke up, which they both later confirmed.


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Why Did Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago Break Up?

Harry said that he and Francesca ended their relationship because he wasn’t mature enough to interview Will & Woody on the Australian radio show KIIS in 2020.

The 24-year-old revealed that after being apart for a while, a FaceTime call allowed them to reunite. We took a little rest in between because I’m young, he said. After taking a little hiatus, we are now back in action.


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“I made the choice to text her. I said, “Hey, I want to FaceTime your dog and I don’t want you to be there,” completely out of it.

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I FaceTimed her dog instead, but she was present.

It appears that despite their breakup, the couple still got along.