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Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa, Split After 8 Year Relationship

The relationship between Isabel Preysler, age 71, and Mario Vargas Llosa, age 86, has ended. The wealthy entrepreneur and socialite told the big celebrity news magazine Hola!, “Mario and I have chosen to permanently discontinue our relationship.”

Preysler and Vargas Llosa, who are living in Spain, have been one of the most unusual and written-about couples in the world of celebrity news over the past eight years. Nobel Prize in Literature recipient, newspaper columnist, and former politician, Vargas Llosa was born in Peru.

Preysler, who was born in the Philippines and migrated to Spain as a child, has worked as a journalist, but she is most recognized for her role as a prominent socialite and for her early impact in the pre-Internet era.

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa, Split After 8 Year Relationship

According to her statement to the magazine, the separation is the result of both parties desiring to pursue distinct interests. Mid-December, during a furious rage, the author allegedly left the joint residence. The writer Mamen Sánchez notes in the piece, “December was not the first time Mario left the house.”

In the 1970s, Preysler was married to the famed Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, whom she interviewed for Hola! while working as a reporter herself. These individuals are Enrique Iglesias’s parents.

After her divorce from Iglesias, she wed entrepreneur and aristocrat Carlos Falcó, and then minister of the Spanish Socialist Party Miguel Boyer.

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa, Split After 8 Year Relationship

In the 1980s, Preysler first met The Feast of the Goat’s author. “I first met Mario in 1986 when I interviewed him for Hola! in St. Louis, Missouri,” she recalled.

At the time, Preysler remained married to Boyer, but Vargas Llosa was married to Patricia Llosa. “From that point on, Miguel and I developed a strong connection with Mario and his wife, which has lasted all these years.”

Their relationship did not advance until 2015, when they met during a trip organised by Porcelanosa, a company with whom Preysler had worked for years, to meet Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

The year prior, Preysler had lost his spouse. The golden wedding anniversary of Llosa and his wife was recently celebrated.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Isabel Preysler is a socialite and television personality from the Philippines with a net worth of $30 million. In February 1951, Isabel Preysler was born in Manila, Philippines.

As a child, she posed for the Sheraton Hotels and resorts in Manila in local beauty pageants and charity events. At the age of 16, she moved to Madrid, Spain to attend Mary Ward College after achieving success in a number of competitions.

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa, Split After 8 Year Relationship

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mario Vargas Llosa has a net worth of $500,000 as a Peruvian author, journalist, politician, and college lecturer. In March 1936, Mario Vargas Llosa was born in Arequipa, Arequipa, Peru. In 2010, Llosa was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

He is one of the foremost authors of his age and Latin America. Llosa is an integral component of the Latino-American Boom movement. The novels The Time of the Hero, The Green House, and Conversation in the Cathedral brought him fame in the 1960s.

The novels Captain Pantoja and the Special Serve and Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter by Mario Vargas Llosa have been made into pictures.

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